Anyone ever forget to code?

I went to the gym today and had a very good workout. Before I left my house (I’m about 5 mins from teh gym) I tested w/ my ultra link and was 179. I use my UltraMini at the gym. During the workout I tested at 144 and then at the end I was 74. Ok. I was on my last strip so I took out the bottle and noticed that the code was 12, and I was pretty sure the meter was at 17. I took out the new bottle of strips I had in my bag and it was a 12. I put in a strip and sure enough, the meter was at 17. I decided to see what number I should have been getting. I was 71. That’s well within a margin of error and definitely not enough to make a different decision about juice before going to the store. Did I put my life in danger by not having everything coded? I don’t know exactly how long I was mis-coded, but a few weeks ago I put a half used bottle of strips in my gym bag so I think it was this bunch- so maybe 5 work outs, max. I’m really good w/ my ultra link coding b/c I use a little mesh bag and can easily see the code. When I’m at the gym, I test on the run, sometimes literally, and just open the case it came in and test. Does mis coding really result in hugely different numbers and my 3 point difference was just a fluke? Or is it just an accuracy thing?

Yes I have forgotten to check the code. It happens. I would tend to guess that it does not make too big a difference, but, then, I certainly could be wrong.

I am glad to use Bayer link ( available in Canada only with my Medtronic pump??) and the glucometer does NOT require coding …one thing less to worry about for this old gal …are the results similar to a random test at the lab ( within 15 percent) is another question …my next lab test will tell …(has to be ordered by my GP )

I’ve done that too, but didn’t know how off I’d been.

OK, I just noticed this morning that the code on my meter did not match the code on my strips. I just swapped out the strips yesterday and knew that they were 11 just like last week prior so I did not recode and then this morning I took notice of the code and realized it was different. The meter was at 17 and the strips were at 11. Calling the Endo now. I thought my numbers were off for the last few days… Now I know why… Possibly???