The "Code"

Has anyone ever forgotten to put the right code for their strips in their meter? I found out when I was done with the bottle of strips (-) that I had not put in the right code. My levels were normal. But there was a few times where I thought and felt really low, but the meter read it being normal or sometimes even a little high…
Has anyone seen affects of not having the right code? Any thoughts would be helpful =)

Yes, I got a 300 the other day and didn’t think it was right. Realized I’d tested with the wrong code and when I tested again immediately with the right one, I was 133. I’m usually good about coding - have never had a problem with it, but now that I have a bottle of strips and a meter by my bedside, in my purse, and in my classroom, if I pick up the wrong combination of items, I have to make sure I check the code!

Freestyle has come out with the “Lite” model meter and strips that don’t require coding. The strips are produced in a new way and don’t require the coding, but the meter is the same basic meter technology. Unfortunately, your Omnipod PDM and my Cozmo CozMonitor and Navigator CGMS still take the old Freestyle strips and won’t be changing any time soon. They’d have to send it all back through the FDA, so until that time, we have to watch those codes.

From what I understand, you won’t normally get crazy readings. Try to remember to check the code and when the BG number doesn’t match how you feel, remember that that could be the cause.

right now I only have one working meter that I have strips for and thankfully everytime i order new strips they give me all the same code boxes, it is a real help to me for those times when I forget and being a newbie, believe me! I forget.! I do have a different meter too but currently have no strips for it so it isn’t a problem. Thanks it is nice to know that you can really screw up u’r numbers by forgetting.