Anyone here using Byetta?

I’d really like to chat about how it is working for you.
Differences in numbers before and after starting taking it.
Your thoughts about the recent releases about Byetta.

I participate quite a bit on Yahoo! Answers and this question comes up often. Let me start by saying, I won’t use it. Almost all users report nausea varying from moderate to severe. On the plus side, they do say that it lowers sugar and helps you lose weight. Personally, I would just as soon count my calories as I am doing presently. By following a primarily vegetarian diet (with daily moderate exercise), you can satisfy your hunger, get all the nutrition you need, lose weight, and feel great. There are many such benefits to this kind of diet including helping make it easier to manage your blood sugar. My goal is not to discourage you from trying it. Just be advised that it’s expensive, requires a prescription, and must be injected. I strongly recommend researching this as much as you can before attempting it. My method costs nothing, is quite effective, and you feel great as a result… not terrible as is often the case with Byetta. Don’t fall victim to taking the quick and easy route, the difficult route is often the most rewarding.

I have never used Byetta being a Type 1 but I have a friend who is a Type 2 and is using it everyday and when she 1st started using it she would get sick at her tummy and all that fun stuff. Her husband found out he was a Type 2 and started using it also but kept getting sick and all and had to quit using it. She is still using it along with the meteform and has no problem with it. I will give her your e-mail address if you will send it to me and maybe you guys can talk it over. I do know this much about it…She said that when she started injecting herself with it she lost weight and so did her husband.

MedowLark Hi I am the one Doris told you about. I can only tell you what works for me because I am no expert except that I`ve been on Byetta shots for about 3 years now. The best thing I can tell you is a little peice of peppermint can settle the stomach. I hope this helps.

Would you mind giving me some ideas of meals that would balance a little more even?
I really messed up today. I thought that I could eat my old egg drop soup with noodles. Usually,something like that would give me a very low number by supper time. Instead I’m sky rocketed to 186! :frowning: ugh. I normally would be like in the 90’s with just that. It totally does not make sense.

Maybe it’s the noodles that are sending you high. Are you counting carbs? For many people, 10g carbs will send you up 50 points.Noodles are high in carbs. I don’t know how much Byetta affects post meal numbers.

Byetta is a lot like Symlin. Symlin helps you lose weight and also will lower the blood sugar. I have been on Symlin for about a year and I have had problems with vomiting with it until I got adjusted to it. My doctor and I deal with the vomiting by premedicating with pheneragin before I take it. Yes it can be a hassle to take a medication to counteract other medications, but it has made such a difference with my blood sugar that I don’t care. The only catch with Symlin is that you have to eat a minimum of 30 grams of carbs with each meal. If you don’t you will bottom out within 5 minutes of taking it. (has happened to me more than once)

I skipped the noodles and didnt have the problem;) Thankyou! At least I can still enojoy the soup.:slight_smile: It seems that I still need a low carb diet. With the Byetta my numbers are almost totally normal:)
I’d love to see some of your daily meal routines;if you wouldnt mind sharing.

Hi, Meadowlark,
I do a mostly raw food, low carb diet. I prefer vegetarian food, but until I started eating raw food I found it hard to do low carb without eating a lot of meat. But with the sprouted foods I seem to get enough protein and good BG numbers. I do sprouted grain for breakfast, a carrot and some cheese for a snack mid morning, a big sprout salad for lunch (sprouted peas and lentils, alfalfa sprouts, nuts, sunflower seeds and apple slices (about 1/2 apple.) I have an apple and almond butter and/or home-made yogurt with raspberries/strawberries or cherries for an afternoon snack, but I usually need some insulin to cover that if I eat it all at once and don’t exercise. For dinner I usually have stir fried vegetables, or vegetable “lasagna” (minus the noodles) or maybe chili made with black soybeans.
I do eat fish and occasionally eat meat and that makes life a bit simpler. For me, it’s easiest to eat the same stuff every day at the same time when I am working. I can’t handle doing insulin at school because there is always something different to deal with and it is safer just to do the low carb routine and not run the risk of mistiming or miscalculating my dose.

Meadowlark There is one other thing that you need to watch when eating that is portion size. Try a little experiment that my dr. told me to try and boy did it shock me. Take out your usual serving of some thing and then before you eat any measure how much that you have out . I didn`t realize what I thought was a half cup was way more and it takes some time before you can eyeball it. Beware Halloween Candy it is a no no big time be careful I make sure I have some Healthy snacks to eat I like baby carrots and fat free ranch dressing give it a try. Watch those carbs and read labels Get some help from your family. Well good luck

Thanks FairFlower, I havent partaken of candy in about 3 years.:slight_smile: I keep a set of measuring cups,spoons and a scale right on the counter top for easy use. I learned to make that a habit because of the eyeball method too. I agree on watching all the carbs too. Right now, I’m dealing with on again, off again nausea and heartburn. I’m just not sure what to eat when I’m finally to the point of hungry; but not wanting to over do. Trying to keep nutrition to the front.
Today breakfast was a 4 ounce premeasured yogurt and lunch was 1/2 cup of egg drop soup.(no noodles.) sigh… I cant live off this stuff. I do need to find a healthier eating plan.

HI there… Here is my 2 cents for a LADA/ 1.5. I took 5mg Byetta last year for about 6-8 months. That’s all I could tollerate. I suffered extreme nausea for at least 35 days and lost a little weight because I couldn’t eat. Then I felt like I had to consume the “bad carbs” :processed stuff after I gave the injection because if I didn’t eat, say at least 65- 75 grams of carbs at a meal tham I could be guarantedd to go HYPO. I hated it. I finally told my endo that I hated being forced to eat crap. Last fall she switched me to Januvia pill, 100mg, once per day. NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL. I was on this stuff to get my Beta cells to keep working longer. Januvia is supposed to do the same thing long term that Byetta does, I think. I am on Levimir and Novolog (insulin) now, in adiition to the Janivia. All is well. No side effects (unless I calculate wrong), If I don’t want to eat processed foods then I don’t have to. I really fell like I am in control now. What a relief to have a tuned in Endo!