How many of you all tried byetta? And how long did you stay on the 5 mg? or did you go to 10 after the first month?

I am on 5mg twice a day.
After the first month of nausea, it has helped with numbers, and some with hunger, but nothing to write home about. Especially on the cost.

Any comments would be apprecitated.

I am very much not aware about the details of Byetta other than the fact that it’s meant for Type 2 Diabetics. Would you mind sharing a bit more about it?

Byetta is suppose to be the new wonder drug. They are worried that it is going to be marketed as a diet drug. Byetta is a driverited of lizard spit. lol. I know it’s true. And it is an appiette suppressant. I have read about people losing amazing amounts of weight. Although it has not done that for me. I have numbers that are high in the am. And it has helped with that problem. But not enough to jump up and down. But I guess any help is better than none.

With Byetta there is a 5 mg and a 10mg. You have to eat with in one hour after you take it. Usually the dose is twice a day. Some people cant take it due to the nausea. I had nausea for about two weeks. And then it subsided.

Thank you very much for sharing! I am definitely going to read more about it. Sound interesting.

I have been taking Byetta for 6 months, but not for weight loss. My doctor says that my insulin requirements indicate that I have qualities of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, even though I have been completely insulin dependent since diagnosis. I combine it with Symlin injections in order to reduce the massive highs and lows that I experience. So far, the combo has been fairly successful for me. I spent a month on the 5 mg dose before starting the 10mg. I experienced a lot more side effects on the 10 mg.

I am amazed. I was told that I was hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. and that it was not possible. What other meds do you take? I feel like I am on everything under the sun. And is Symlin the first that you tried? Or did you get their by trial and error. Which seems to be the way I find things. I have been tested for diabetes since the age of 10. And it always came back almost. Never bad enough for it to pay attention. Now that I am older, I realize the black outs or falling asleep for no reason, were a resulting of hypoglycemia . I am learning so much more every day.

The key to this disease is to have knowledge and you dont always get it through drs. You have to hunt it down. I realize you all are young, but when I was going through menopause, it was the same process. It was my learning about what was going on that kept me sane. And dont take the med literature for facts. It is a good base, but if you are having something different, talk to other people. Most likely if you are experiencing it, so is someone else.

Jessica , what did you have with 10 mg? Did you have the headaches? Or nausea? And how long were you on 5mg of Byetta?

I tried the Symlin first and added the Byetta after I had tried some Metformin to see if I could reduce some of my insulin usage, which it did. I take insulin, Symlin, Byetta, Metformin, Zetia and Atacand, as well as a multivitamin, vitamin B complex, and L-Glutamate.

When I started taking the 10mg Byetta, I was very naseous, I occassionally get the headaches, but I also get a sudden burst of absolute exhaustion that is the most difficult to deal with. These symptoms have subsided after 3 months. I took the 5 mg for a month before increasing my doseage.

Here’s a huge thread I just ran into, that touches on Byetta:


I just went there and was really impressed with some of their results. My numbers have been getting better and better for about 3 weeks. And the dr. raised my insulin today. I am irritated. No I am mad. Where was he when I was having high numbers? Why didnt he do something then? And now things seem to be getting amazingly good and he raises it? Pardon me I am venting. Every one else has gone to 10mg of byetta after a month and I am still on 5mg. I see him two weeks from Fathers Day. Either some changes are going to be made or I am getting a new dr. Sorry guys, I 'm a grouch tonight.

Vent away, girl. Here’s a list, in case you end up needing one:

I was on Byetta for about six months. Did the 5 for a month then on to the 10. I did amazingly well initially: dropped about 15 pounds, saw better numbers, had almost no side effects and I was able to get off Actos (which I personally feel helped dropped the weight). Then after about month five, began gaining weight, numbers started rising until eventually my doctor felt it was no longer working for me. I went back on Lantus and as of last week because of an overnight hospital stay due to elevated readings, on regular insulin as well. I start with a new doctor Thursday, with a referral to a new endocrinologist Thursday.

Hi Jolie,
I am still on Lantus I am at 30 units. I was taking Avandia , 5 on Byetta and Amaryl 3 times a day. Well my numbers were climbing. Fair some days… you know the story. I quit taking the Amaryl and my numbers started to improve. I was in normal numbers. My am numbers were a in the low 130’s. And the dr. raised my lantus. Go figure. So I go to get the Avandia refilled. And the pharmacist suggested no. Since they are almost certian it will be changed or taken off the market completely. My blood pressure numbers are high. I take medicine, and I work out. So now I am taking only the Amaryl.And the rest of the stuff. I go to see the dr. in 2 weeks. Something has got to change. My weight has changed a few pounds. Have you thought of going on the pump? I am seriously considering it. I think a change in dr.s will happen before I do the pump. I hate changing drs.

Well, I spoke too soon. The new doc put me back on Byetta. I started the 5 pen last week and whew, yuck. I did not really have the side effects last time, but boy do I this time. Nausea, burping, fatigue (seriously, I never nap and twice this weekend, I just fell asleep), headaches, and an extreme feeling of fullness. I’m already down 4lbs. (of course, I can only really eat a full breakfast because after I take that first injection, I am feeling full after about 4 bites of anything I try to eat for lunch or dinner). The feeling of fullness is physical…I feel like there is food at the bottom of my throat. Just yucky! So far, my numbers are all over the place, but the doc says this is normal, so we’ll see…

Hi Jolie,

Those sysmptons lasted about 2 weeks to a month for me. The headache was the worse part. Good luck. I am seeing my dr. on Monday coming up and it will be interesting. Dont give up. It will get better.
Just to make sure you are taking the injection first and then eating with in the hour right? What I dont understand is why they put you back on. But then I dont understand drs. at all.

More on the Byetta debate:

Hi Manny,

I just read the blog and it sounds so true. When it works , it works. When it doesnt, it doesnt. I have lost 4 pounds in 3 months. Not great. But IT’s more than I have done on my own. When I went to the dr. On monday, he put me on 10mcg. of Byetta. Took me off Avandia. And left me on Amaryl . My A1c was down to 8. And for me that was good. At least out of the last 9 months. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I am on four diabetes medications: Glyset, Starlix, Januvia, and Byetta. That is about $140 a month in co-pays for my diabetes medications alone, and since I am on 17 medications all told, it adds up fast. But as to the Byetta: I have had no problems with it. It’s helped my morning numbers go down a bit, but they were nearly OK to begin with. I prefer to have extremely tight controls. My last A1c was 5.2. The one before that was 5.1, and that was without being on Byetta. So has it made a difference? Yes, in terms of getting my morning numbers down by about ten points, and in terms of helping me lose a little more weight, which I have now gained back in the form of retained fluid, which my nephrologist wants. I have high blood pressure and am on five medications for that, but I am still supposed to eat salty food so that I retain fluid.

I have not been on insulin except for one day when I had to have surgery seven years ago, and couldn’t take my oral medications. I intend to stay off insulin for as long as I can.

I am going to say something and it is a oxy moron. Thank God for insurance. I spend in total about $200a month in co pays. But think if we didnt have the beast. (insurance)Wow Since I started on the 10mcg of Byetta, It has been a little rough. Headaches are back. and some nausea. But my numbers are flying everywhere. So I am not sure what is happening. Emotions running high. I went on Insulin, due to it is a more natural way to receive medicine. From what I read, your body accepts it better. But I dont know. I really dont. What I would give to have an A1c in low numbers. Good Luck River.

You are taking a couple medications that don’t need to be taken together because they duplicate the effect.

Glyset delays the digestion of starch. Byetta delays the digestion of everything. In addition Glyset will worsen any stomach problems with Byetta.

Starlix stimulates beta cells to produce insulin. Januvia and Byetta raise GLP-1 levels which stimulate beta cells to produce insulin IN THE SAME WAY. You could probably give up the Starlix.

If Byetta works for you, Januvia is probably not all that needed.

Your A1c is wonderful, but you might want to see what you can cut out without worsening your blood sugars. You may be taking a lot of very expensive drugs you don’t need.

I’ve been using it for a little over 3 months now. I started on 5mcg for 1 month and then switched to 10mcg. I only lost about 6 pounds, but then I’ve also kept them off, something that I find hard to do normally. No major side effects for me except for learning very quickly not to eat as much because I would feel sick to my stomach. Much less side effects than the metformin (that I also take). I really enjoyed the appetite supression, I think that helped me to lose weight and I try to be mindful of that now. Unfortunately that side effect isn’t as strong as it used to be. My numbers went from 8.1 (or 2 I can’t remember) down to my recent 7.6.