Anyone interested in alternative software?

I would love to try it.

But I did not understand it first.

You mean I should export the data from DM3 and then import it into your software?

Hi Mike,
I’ve been trying to download your software, but without any success. Can you check and make sure that the site is working correctly?


Yes, the whole point of this thread is that I’m not happy with the DM3 software and created my own. However, because I currently don’t have the ability to communicate and download data directly from the device you must first download the data using the proprietary Dexcom DM3 software. Once you’ve done that there’s an option from within the DM3 software to export the data to an xml file. You can then open the xml file with my software to view graphs of you sensor data and calibration data.

To be perfectly honest I only spent a few hours developing the software and with a little more effort could add new features that would hopefully help people.

It works for me right now but I’ll admit the free file sharing service that I used for the initial upload will be discontinued in a few weeks. Let’s see if I can just attach it here. Yes, it looks like that worked. Please let me know if you’re able to download and use it.
5978-Dex.exe (1.16 MB)