Anyone know of orgs in India to help a T1 girl in orphanage?

Hi everyone,

A coworker of mine recently spent two weeks volunteering at a girl's orphanage in Greater Noida, India (rural Dehli).

There she met an 8-year-old girl with T1(assumed), diagnosed about a year ago. She gets what I'm assuming is two shots of long-acting insulin in the morning and one at night with a syringe. Rarely gets tested, but the one time my friend witnessed, her bg was >350.

The orphanage houses a lot of girls and has limited resources. There isn't a lot of knowledge around diet and medicine for T1. For e.g., they give the girl a pita-type bread for breakfast but she's not allowed to have the oil brushed on it. The fruit that the kids do have are bananas, apples and oranges and they do allow her to have that.

Do any of you know:
- if pen needles and vials are available in India?
- if there are any humanitarian groups that could help with either diet or education or medical supplies like test strips?

*I'm not asking for donations* We just want to see if we can source local help.


I believe there is an India Group which would also be a good place to post this if you haven't already.

This is a charity based in India

The main objective of the Trust is to offer a complete healthcare to the type 1 insulin dependent, underprivileged diabetics especially children and with a particular focus on female diabetics.
and yes as far as I know all diabetes supplies are available, it's access and cost that is the problem.

Interesting blog about the charities work here: