Charity Ideas involving Diabetes?!

Hi. My local community of young people are trying to get our name out there in our community. We are donating to charities and our top one is ADA. Now, of course we will donate to ADA, but I'm looking for other ideas involving diabetes, like maybe there's somewhere in Africa that need to raise money to get insulin, or insulin pumps? Something! If you know any good charities that I could read about and we could start saving up for, please let me know!!!! Thank you


Caren, you might want to check out (or even join) Diabetes Advocates. One of their programs this year was called "Spare a Rose, Save a Child" - it involved getting your valentine one less rose and donating the money to Life for a Child. You could get organized now so next Valentine's Day, you could make a big impact. here's a videoalso from the Atkinsons, founders of "Insulin for Life" which also collects insulin and supplies for very needy kids. It's part of Life for a Child.

another super charitable foundation working to help the poorest people in the world with diabetes isMarjorie's Fund. We had Dr Baker, the founder and director, on for an interview which you can see here. Dr Baker is type1 himself and an endocrinologist in NYC. I was really impressed with his passion for getting insulin and testing supplies to the poorest of the poor, and also education and research.

And a HUGE shout out to our very own BigBlueTest - this yearly event focuses on educating PWDs about the impact a small amount of exercise can have on their bgs, and also raises money for grants to different diabetes programs focused on the needy. You can get all your friends, or your whole school to participate, they don't have to have diabetes to do it. Basically, you do a little exercise, record your before and after bgs if you have diabetes, and record your results by computer or smartphone app. For each test done, a Pharmaceutical company, such as Roche, gives $$$ to the program. so it doesn't even cost anything for you to be helping someone. BigBlueTest culminates around World Diabetes Day, Nov 14.

If You'd like some more info on any of these, let me know. This is really fantastic and I want to hear ALL about what you're doing!!!!