Anyone on BC/BS Preferred-Care Blue?

My diabetes educator told me my insurance co-pay for testing strips can be less depending on what kind of glucometer I have. I recently received a free Ascencia Contour from Bayer because I had an old Elite. I found the offer on the testing strips box I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I had to pay 50 dollars!

Does anyone here know what kind of testing strips cost less with Blue Cross Blue Shield? I guess I could call them, but I wanted to ask here first.


i have bcbs, ppo and I pay 25 for mine. But my meter is accucheck, comfort curve. I get 100 with every prescription. I usually pay that for just about all my meds. Hope this helps.

For most insurance I’m aware of, Accuchek or One Touch Ultra seem to be the preferred strips. These big companies cut some kind of deal with the insurers.

Hi there - I have BC/BS CareFirst in Virginia, and my One Touch strips are covered at 100%. I’m up to 200 a month and I haven’t hit the unknown limit yet…

PS - good luck trying to get any information out of BC/BS. They don’t deal well with hypothetical situations, even if you are trying to save them money. They prefer to get the claim and bill rather than have their customer reps give out any benefits information.

Thanks a lot for all the replies. I guess I’m okay right now because I just got 100 strips, so that’s going to last for about a month and a half (testing twice a day). I suppose that since I actually didn’t have to pay for the Contour, I can get another glucometer that is covered.

I have BC/BS and they paid for the One Touch Ultra. I didn’t have a choice of meters but I’ve been happy with this one. At first my doctor wrote a prescription for testing 4Xday so that’s all the strips I could get. I asked for a prescription for 6Xday so I can test before and after meals so I get 550 strips every 3 months. (I do mail order through Caremark, used to be Merck-Medco) and get a 3 month supply at one time.