So BCBS decided to stop covering all test strips except onetouch

I have been using Nova max with BD/medtronic meters for years as they shipped with and communicated with Medtronic pumps think I was paying higher copay but that was fine. I was about to try to get them to switch to the contour next strips and meter and I just got the above notice. I always had the script sent to express script but they point the finger at BCBS. Has anyone had better luck getting test strips directly from mini med as everything else that they send never seems to have any issue with the insurance?

It might depend on which Blue Cross / BS company you work with. It varies from state to state. BC-Idaho wouldn’t cover Contour Next, while it was the preferred strip for BCBS-Tennessee (the insurance provider for Oak Ridge National Lab). I’m just switching back from a ORNL to a University job, so I’m expecting to have to switch back to OneTouch again ;/

I feel your pain. I have Horizon BCBS (NJ) and they only cover the OneTouch which I really don’t like, the Abbott Freestyle is my favorite. They did approve a CGM for me so my finger sticks are minimal these days and my copay for the CGM supplies works out to be the same as my strip copays.

You can try to get a different brand approved if they coordinate with your other hardware… they may or may not approve it because it’s essentially just a convenience issue,

My insurance switches which strip they cover every couple years it seems… I assume with whoever the lowest bidder is. Mine switches from one touch to accuchek for 2019…

I had BCBS for a few years. Never much liked them. I’m happier with Medicare/UHC than most of the insurance we’ve had through employers. I don’t like when they pick and choose “winners” among products.

Check to see if your doc can appeal the declination. When my Medicare Advantage drug plan declined my prescription for Contour Next strips, he was able to fill out a type of appeal form from the insurance co. advising that the Contour Next strips were the only ones that coordinated with the Medtronic 670G and I got a special one year approval.


BCBS denied my FreeStyle(Dexcom) strips at first. Not the "preferred strips. Had to get prior approval or pre -authorization. Not a big deal. Doc or delegate calls insurance company and tells them you need the strips for the meter/pump (Dexcom) and it has been approved so far.

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I have BCBS Massachusetts and they keep trying to decline ContourNext for the “preferred” OneTouch, but as soon as I say I have to use the Contours because they communicate with my Medtronic pump, they relent.


BB, is that going through express scripts (I’m BCBS Mass also)?

I get all my pharms through CVS Caremark, but my thought was that explaining about ContourNext being required for Medtronic pumps is worth a try whatever your carrier is. It not only communicates with the pump, it’s also how you link the pump to Carelink for uploading your data, so it’s really an integral part of the system and you can’t use any other strips with it.


Thanks Bro, cutting and pasting directly to Doctor…

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BCBS is pretty crappy for type 1s. My insurance is through my employer, so is from out of state, yet I still have to play by BCBS of NC’s rules. BCBSNC will only let you get pump and CGM supplies through Edgepark, no one else. The actual insurance has more in network but because I am in NC I can’t use them.

my doctor wrote a letter of necessity to stay on freestyle because it is more accurate.

more accurate than what?

My plan uses Caremark. One Touch has been covered brand for last several years, but in 2019, switches to Accu-chek.
Fortunately they did not change insulin brands, which have bounced between Humalog and Novolog several times.

Than other meters.

ah, it’s not more accurate than any of the models of Contour Next. Fact.

Not interested in a debate about which meter is more accurate. I’m trying to help the person here figure out how to stay on the meter and strips that they prefer.

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ah, so when u say one meter is more accurate than “other meters” that’s fine and when I mention that the Contour Next is regarded as the most accurate, I’m in the wrong?

My employee sponsored UHC is the same way. I got an exception for Contour Next as my pump required them, but once approved, they went from free (preferred) to more expensive then I can buy them on amazon for! Jeesh! Glad I’m on a G6.