Anyone on Losartan Potassium or a BP lowering drug?

Recently, I’ve been having a really frustrating problem with high blood pressure (as if I don’t have enough to juggle with my health.) The result is having it trigger awful migraines. I mean migraines where I have to go through work with a trash bag next to me because I’m puking most of the day into it. Those kind of migraines. I’m losing sleep, I’m miserable, my quality of life sucks right now and it’s depressing. I had a visit to my cardiologist, who upped my dosage of Losartan (which I take for my kidneys due to CKD.) So far it has done NADA to lower my blood pressure. In fact, I want to go as far as to say it has gotten worse since I have started taking it. I used to have low bp when I was standing, and normal when I was sitting or laying down. Now it appears I have shifted to being normal when standing, and high when laying down, or just high all the time. Just did it now and it was 170/100, when I usually range on the high side of 140/90. I have no idea WHAT is happening, but I have an appointment with both a neurologist and a kidney doctor, but it seems like these doctors aren’t working fast enough. In the mean time I think I am having strange side effects from the Losartan, and like I said, it has done nothing to lower my bp and I am taking 50mg in the morning, and 50mg before bed. I DON’T know what to do. Is anyone else on this drug? I have read nothing but bad things about it, and I don’t want to be on it if it isn’t even doing what I’m taking it to do. Does anyone take a drug that both lowers BP and protects their kidneys that works for them? I feel absolutely awful all the time and I’m pretty much at my wits end. Thanks in advance to all who help.