Anyone on Omnipod 5? Some questions

I’ve gone from Omnipod Eros with Rileylink to Orangelink to Dev with Dash and in the mail is my new Omnipod 5.

I have some switching over questions:

  1. I’m used to nightscout and my doctor seeing Clarity at the same time. Is there any way to get my data to nightscout?
  2. I currently have a huge insulin requirement so to even get 2 days use out of it I have to bolus via fiasp pen for meals and not report it to anything. With the OM5 being AI and learning, should I do the same thing or any ideas?
  3. I like the loop watch app. I’m planning on putting the Dexcom app on my phone to at least see my glucose #s. I’ve heard good things about sugarmate to push #s to your phone? What faces to you like that are sugarmate compatible?
  4. I hear that the MD uses Glukko to view G6 and insulin in one report? How exactly does that work? Do we have any apps or visibility in that app?

Thanks everyone!


I connect my pump to my computer and the Gluco app opens. I can see the same reports that the diabetes nurse sees.

I tried syringe meal bolus with Omnipod 5 providing basal and corrections and was not satisfied with the BG results. It’s possible I could get better results now with syringe meal bolus, I was still figuring things out when I tried it. That was early on in my trial of O5.

I spoke with tech support who clearly do not recommend syringe bolus when using Automode, they think it confuses the algorithm which relies partly on IOB. That said, the “Smart bolus calculator” has some deficiencies too when used with Automode, so pick your method and do your own IOB guesstimates for corrections and meals.

As for apps, I have been using the PDM and it provides all the info needed. Glooko works wirelessly but I have not looked at it much.

I found that using a long acting insulin while on my pump helps a lot. Any more than 50 units in a day and my site stops absorbing.
Just 10 units of lantus makes a difference.
My algorithm doesn’t even seem to notice that much added basal, my basal rates are pretty close to 1/hr. So my injection of 10 only raises my basal by .3 or so.

If you are taking a lot of insulin maybe you want to add metformin if your doctor will go with that.
I’ve been thinking about trulicity to bring my insulin needs down a little.

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