Anyone signed up for Teplizumab treatment for your at-risk child?

now that Teplizumab is approved by the FDA, I would like to know if anyone has gotten treatment for your at-risk child(children)/family member? one of kids was diagnosed two years ago so wanted to do some research on getting treatment to delay T1D if symptoms start to show. It’s quite costly (~$200K for 14 days in the hospital) and not sure how much insurance covers. will also have to research on coverage as well. Would like to hear feedback from parents who’s gone through the process. Thanks in advance.


This is from the company web site regarding T1D and TZIELD. I suspect that the company may not actually expect individuals to pay for it all out of pocket. It looks like a docotr must find precisely the right candidate, refer them and then the company will go forward to see what can be done. I wish you and you child te best of good luck.

Tzield cost

The wholesale cost per vial of Tzield is $13,850, which translates to $193,900 for a 14-vial continuous regimen. Some people may require additional drugs beyond the 14 vials, depending on body surface area and weight.

Provention Bio offers patient assistance programs for those without insurance or who are unable to pay for Tzield. Once being prescribed Tzield, you and your healthcare provider can enroll in the COMPASS program. The program’s patient navigators can help handle any insurance questions and financial assistance. Patients or health care providers can call COMPASS at 844-778-2246 or visit the Tzield website.

Who is helped by a drugs that costs this much. I say almost no one. So why do we invest so much into a drug that will help almost no one?
And why does it cost so much I wonder. Is it made from gold?

Developing new drugs costs a LOT!

Which is why do many drug companies spent more on marketing than drug development.

The benefit potential from this treatment is that it may provide clues to immune system modulation to the extent that a treatment or cure could result.

Five more years


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So… interestingly, my endo recommended me for this trial and am supposed to talk with the company this week. When reading the results, it delay things, but not by a lot. Really struggling to decide whether this treatment and study is the right thing for me. What does the community think? Would love some other thoughts and opinions.