Anyone trying the new Omnipod PDM here?

I have seen some people are already using the new Omnipod PDM as part of the early adopters o trial. Anyone here?

I have been using the Omnipod system for sometime now. Before using this I had a Medtronic and my A1C was always too high, 8.5-11. I had lows too many times and I just wasn’t happy. My endo suggested the new tubeless system and I have loved it ever since. Disconnecting when I took a shower had my BS going to high. I’m one of those that needs the insulin constantly. The areas to put the pod are legs, arms, stomach and hip. In some people, like me, the hip seems to administer the insulin to quickly. You would have to try these areas out yourself. This system has actually saved my life.

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nope, sorry. @Bonnie65, I, like you have only ever had luck on Omnipod. @Mila, can you post details about what is coming down the pipeline? Just curious, if you have that on hand.

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@Mila is looking for Dash-users.

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I am trying the OmniPod, and have been on it for 2 weeks now. I have multiple questions and concerns that need to be wrinkled out.

  1. I never realized I might have Lipo hyper trophy until now. I rarely have had trouble with my Animas One Touch Ping (90 degree insets with Teflon cannula) with leaks. I have only used my tummy and upper thighs with that pump, and I did so for 6 years :grimacing: but I didn’t have any problems :woman_shrugging:t4: I’m waiting for an appointment with my endocrinologist.

  2. I have had plenty of leaks with the OmniPod, and I wonder if my tummy and right thigh are overused or have beginning stages of Lipo, and if I’m doing my pod placements right, and how much bumping can affect the cannula, and if I’m causing tunnelling by taking too much insulin.
    How do you know what is causing the leaks? What question do you address first? I’m having so many problems troubleshooting this! I really want this to work, as when my sites are working, my blood sugars have been nearly perfect, and using the OmniPod I’m testing way more (as I can’t cheat by taking a bolus directly from the pump site).
    The only sites that haven’t failed due to hitting a vein or leaking insulin was:

  • my first Pod that was inserted with the educator present
  • Pods on my hips, but I had to pull them as they were quite sore & I felt that there was swelling around the front of the OmniPod cannula side and I didn’t want an infection.
  • None of my Pods have lasted 3 days.
  1. All of my sites so far have felt swollen after and have had pain for at least 3 days after. I decided to take an antihistamine and my one thigh and my abdomen looks and feels better, but my most recent hip OmniPod sites are still painful, eg if I lie on my side it aches there.
    I’m using alcohol swabs, I’ve tried using liquid bandaid spray as a barrier and not having a lot of relief. I have Skin Tac wipes coming soon.

I’m exhausted of constantly worrying that it may be leaking, and I can’t smell the insulin most of the time. I’ve had 5 days in the past two weeks since starting OmniPod that I’ve had multiple new sets a day, 2 of which I changed it 3 times due to failure. I have used my tummy and thighs only 3 times, the rest are on my hips/butt and arms - which have never been used for insulin pump sites in the past.

Who wants to tackle my mess lol


We are trying to get ahold of one of the new ones due to my daughter getting the pods so close to the end of the year. The Rep told us the new release DASH was only available to Untied Healthcare in limited release which, unfortunately for us, Tricare just switched from United Healthcare to Humana. There is an automatic upgrade from your PDM to the Dash when it does come out. Diatribe had an interesting article about its capabilities, but it seemed a little confusing. Apparently it can show Dexcom data but unlike the T-slim it cant do anything about it. I think everyone is looking for the same answers. Let me know if you find anything out and I’ll do the same.

That is one of the problems with Omnipod in general - the needles are too short. I am on 6mm, 90 degree Mio’s and don’t have any problems but have now opted for Omnipod and this is indeed one of the things that is worrying me.