Happy with OmniPod, Yes or No?

So, I've tried Medtronic Revel twice now, just do NOT like the tubing. I know some get used to it but for me it was very uncomfortable.

So, we did the paperwork yesterday to get the new 'smaller' version of the OmniPod - Pods. Please tell me, if you would, whether you like the Pod? I realize there are 'flaws' in everything, even MDI's, and no pump is perfect. I do read a lot of negatives about the Pod. I'm going to have to pay for this because my pump is still new but Omnipod will do a trade in program.

Also, I was thinking, not sure if anyone does this, i'd use the POD for my basal and bolus delivery (it's really the different basal rates options on pump that I'm hoping will help) and for corrections or highs, just give a manual injection. It seems when high, pump corrections take so long? Anyone else do this?

THANKS for any feedback.

I love my Omnipod! I don't have the new pods yet (my 4 year warrantee ran out in January and I was waiting for them to start shipping before I got another system)! They're currently working with my insurance to see what it's going to look like though. Sometimes it's a pain to have it stuck to you and it's certainly not sexy (but what pump site is?). But I love that it works even if I don't have the control on me at that moment. I love that I just stick it on me and hit the button and it does insertions on its own. I love that I don't need to keep track of when it's time to change sites, it takes care of it. I love that I can take it swimming or shower with it on and not have to worry about waterproofing or disconnecting. Rumor has it that the new pods are more reliable (less failures) and that the size difference is noticable. I can't wait to check it out.

thanks...i'm hoping I'll love all those functions too. yes, new pod is like the size of a strawberry and about 1/3 thinner.

Just remember that negative people are 10 times more vocal than positive ones. (Some say 100 times more...) So for every 1 negative comment you hear there are at least 10 others that are very happy, though may not show that happiness online.

I've been on the pod for 1 year so far. I'm totally disgusted with myself for not starting sooner. Seriously. At first, I felt as if the pod (or any pump for that matter) was more work. Maybe, but it is different. Very different. And the control I have now is worth every bit of the change and more.

So, if I were to pick one thing it would be the better control. I held off pumps for years due to "the tube." So the Omnipod has been my perfect pump, hands down.

During the past year, I've seen one occlusion. And it was no surprise to me actually. I tried wearing the pump in a new location, and it just didn't work there. Mainly due to comfort of the location in daily activity and in sleep. It occluded during sleep, and I think it was due to me leaning on it at an angle too hard. So, again no surprise it alarmed and made me change, which I did happily at the time.

As time allows, most pod users learn what works best for them. Wearing a pod is not an instant gratification thing, it takes time to learn and understand the good it can give.

Anyway, those are my words of wisdom on your future journey. Have fun!

I am completely thrilled with omnipod. Ive been podding 2.5 years .