Anyone using janumet?

is anyone using janumet to control their blood sugar, if so, are you experience some side effects…

Hello, I’ve been using Janumet for 3 years with Glucofage XR and when I skipped the diet I started to feel sick; six months ago my Endo. told me that only take Janumet, sometimes I skip the diet and I don’t fell side effects, sometimes I think Janumet has placebo effect.

The only side affect that I have had with this med is that sometimes it doesn’t agree with my arthritic meds. I have to be careful to eat when I take it, a protein is better, AND drink LOTS of water. I was on Januvia, and it almost tore my stomach up with my IBprofen…so had to drop that one after a month. No like problems with the Janumet.

I’m taking Janumet. I’ve had no issues. I had used it years before, but ran out of insurance. I’m back on after 2-3 years. It doesn’t seem as effective, but could be because I haven’t been too careful, not enough exercise nor sleep.

Too late! (If you’re referring to joyjohn’s link. But nothing happened… Thank goodness!

Wow! So far, I had received some free samples. I had used it a while back, but the insurance ran out. Currently I have no insurance, but went to the doc anyway. He gave me some samples. Samples are almost gone, so I looked up the price. I am not going to be able to afford these… Has anyone tried the generic form? I’ve heard from others that they are not nearly as effective. I’m going to have to figure something out soon.

I was on the januvia metformin combination which is what janumet is. I had some really bad side effects like bad stomach problems, headaches, and constant vomiting. I gave up on it and went back to metformin and diet and exercise. Way cheaper than januvia. Plus it did not make a big difference in a1c for me.

I have been on Janument for a while, It worked very well. Since I am on Medicare I am at the end of the year and have to pay the higher price. My doc gave me some samples he had of just Januvia 100 mg without the metformin. Took it last night. This am my fasting blood sugar was in the high 200's Guess I need that metformin as well. Will be calling the doc today for the met