Apidra Active Insulin Time

Does anyone use Apidra in their pump? What is your active insulin time set for? I know that Apidra works faster than Novolog and Humalog…

Mine is set for three hours, Leotha and that seems to work well for me. I know it varies a bit by person.

I use Apidra! I used to have it set for 3 hours but then when I got my Dexcom CGM I could see that it was more like 2.5 hrs so I switched to that! :)

What’s the difference between apidra and humalog? I have been on humalog ever since I was a kid. Just curious…

I used Apidra for years in my Animas 2020 and I had it set for 3 hours also I like Apidra better than all other "fast" acting insulin but I was using a lot and now I'm using the Humalog U-500 which at 5x as strong as standard U-100 and therefore last me a lot longer. The boluses don't take the carbs down as quick as the Apidra did but hey I don't have to change cartridges every day.

Of the three fast acting insulins, Apidra has the fastest onset of action and the shortest "tail" (time it sticks around). It's a minor difference but can make a difference. It seems like different people find one of the three works best for them.