Active Insulin Time

Thought I would start off with this question.

Right now with my Humalog, I set my pump for a 3 hour “Active Insulin” time.

Has anyone seen that with Apidra, this setting needs to be adjusted down a bit due to the difference in peak times?

I had to adjust my “active insulin” time to 2hrs from the 3hrs I had when using Novalog. It is working much better! I am returning to a normal bg within the two hours and have more steady levels.

wow! we are considering the switch to apidra and are currently on novalog 3.5 insulin action time, this would be fantastic to be back to baseline in two hours!!

In thigh, I'm seeing Apidra action well beyond 6 hours...! As evidenced by pp rises of 20, then crashes 6-8 hours later. Basal alone = flat profile. The Novo was acting at 10 hours in the thigh with me. May have to abandon thigh use :( Abdomen wise would set to 3 or 4hrs for Apridra and 6 for Novo. My pump only does whole hour active increments, grumble groan.

Weather has an impact too. I find insulin faster in summer.

Also the manufacturer state not to use Apidra in pump for more than 48 hours due to preservative break-down (and to discard any remaining at this time).