Apidra shortage - anyone having luck? How long did you wait?

Hi all,

My pharmacy contacted me today saying that they were unable to get my Apidra due to lack of availability, and there is no listed expected date for when it'll be available. I have 3 pens left, and they expire in March, but I have a feeling they'll last a bit longer than that. However, I'm going on a 6 week vacation starting at the end of March and would need to get my next batch of insulin before then. I've been on Humalog and had some issues, though I haven't tried Novolog yet, which works for my brother, so that would likely be my backup option. Switching insulins is always a pain though, especially before a long trip.

Just curious if anyone else has been able to get Apidra pens. I saw that back in December there was a post on here about some others in a similar situation. If you got some, how long did you have to wait for your order to come through?

Yeah, the website says 1st quarter 2012. I'm wondering if anyone on this site has actually been successful in getting the pens before then.

I hadn't heard about this shortage, Dan; I use Apidra in vials for my pump. Is the shortage just in the pens? Wouldn't it be easier for you to switch to vial and syringe if so, rather than dealing with the switch to a different fast-acting insulin?

yeah - in theory. however, i'm going on a month vacation to China in April to visit my in laws. they live in the country side and only have a freezer, no fridge! i suppose i could buy a frio and manage, but it would also be easier to carry pens than bring all those needles with me.

Wow, bad timing, Dan! You might have your in laws or someone check in the nearest town, or where you're flying into to see if they have Apidra pens in the pharmacy. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I actually started using Apidra in pens when I was living in Guatemala. I don't know about China but in Guatemala you didn't need a prescription.

Oh and you might want to get a Frio anyway, since you won't have a fridge, to keep your pens in when traveling as well as the open one. They're great little things - they last a few days and when they need revitalizing you just soak them in cold water.

According to Saofie-aventis:

The APIDRA Supply Status is:

Apidra SoloStar Prefilled Pens Supplies will become available w/c 6th February

Apidra ClikStar Cartridges Supplies will become available w/c 6th February

Apidra Optiset Discontinued 31st December 2011

Apidra OptiClik Cartridges Discontinued 31st December 2011

Apidra solution for injection vials Not affected - supplies available

Updated: January 27, 2012

Thanks for the update. If they're starting shipping again then hopefully I'll get my pens before my trip.