Good News for Apidra Users

I just found out that Apidra is extending its "No Co-pay" Program to December, 2013! I used it a couple months ago and it worked smoothly. Just go to their website:

It covers up to $100 for a one or three month supply. You can use it for either vials or pens. I forget how often you can use it, but check and let us know! Cool, huh?

Does anyone out there use Apidra in their pump?

Yes, I do.

My insulin is covered 100% because it is considered DME by my insurance company. This is good deal for those who need that coverage. I suppose it is all about market share.

Yes, Kim, I use Apidra in my Animas Ping. It works very well for me. I am glad I have it over Novolog.

Wow, that's a creative (in a nice way) definition of DME!

Yes, the Apidra works well for me as well. I find my duration of action is a neat 3 hours and the lack of a significant tail helps with accurate dosing.

I have been using Apidra in my pump for 6 years. Have not paid a penny for it since November of 2011; Nothing this year( 2012); and will not be paying in 2013 either, because of the reasons cited. I like it and will not be changing in the foreseeable future.

God Bless,

By "reasons cited" do you mean the "No co-pay program" or the fact your insurance considers it DME. I only have 80% for DME so I'm sure it would be more expensive that way for me than the $40 I now pay for 3 months supply (5 vials). Not sure how insulin is defined as "durable medical equipment"!