Has anyone had trouble with Apidra? It is now only lasting 2 days in my pump. Today - I am on my second day with it, and it doesn't seem to be working....it is frustrating to have to bolus the correct amount, and then later discover the insulin isn't working at all. I have to give myself shots to get through the day.

No I haven't used Apidra, I brought up the subject with my Endo simply because I thought something with a little less duration MIGHT help with the really low bg readings 2 hours after eating. My theory was I dont need something lasting so long, however my Endo I don't think is very Apidra friendly, he made some tweaks in my pump settings and that has really reduced the number of low's Im having.

A friend of mine was taking Apidra as well..she's a type 2 and was taking something like 90 units and it was not putting a DENT in her BS, like injecting saline.

I use Apidra in my pump and it works fine for me; I go for 3-4 days and if I have a problem it's with the site. You say you are having to give yourself shots to get through the day. If Apidra is working for you in shots I don't see why it wouldn't work in your pump (perhaps someone else will see this differently). I would look more to a site problem than to the Apidra if it works fine for shots.

Hi KimK. Do you by chance use Sure-T infusion sets? They have instructions to use only 2 days, and the instructions on Apidra also say to use 2 days.

The Sure-T needle can be moved without ruining the rest of the infusion, which would be worthwhile trying if in fact you do use Sure-Ts. I can get 2 1/2 days by moving the needle when a problem arises, but the Apidra won't work beyond the 2 1/2 days. (I use a MM522.)

Why would you want to only use Apidra in your pump for two days, Trudy? Are you saying it says on the Apidra insert to only use it in a pump for two days? I don't remember reading that but it's been awhile since I read that.

As far as I know (and my own experience) Apidra lasts for the same amount of time as either of the other two insulins. I would certainly switch to one of the others if I only was able to keep it in my pump for two days!

Zoe, yes I meant the instructions say to use Apidra in a pump for two days, or at least it used to! I haven't checked lately.

Novolog lasted longer in my pump when I used Quicksets, but Sure-Ts are the only infusion sets I can use now, so 2 1/2 days it is. I don't like Novolog as well as Apidra because it's action is slower, both in the pump and for MDI. (Since I have few sites that work well for infusion sets, I spend most of the time on MDI despite the fact that I love my pump and have much better BG control with it.)

Interesting! I'll have to look at the instructions for Apidra next shipment I get, though I'm sure I'll forget. If anybody has the instructions, let us know if it does, in fact, say that now! Not that I would change anything, since it works for me.

Yes, we all have to use the sets that work for us. I don't know those sets you mention, as I have a Ping and can use either the Inset or the Inset 30's (the angled ones I like best). Sorry that you have such a hard time with sites; that's rough, loving the pump and not being able to use it a lot!

KimK , there is an Apdria user group ...you may get some information from there as well . I was using Apidra and went back to NovoRapid ( Novolog ) ...got too frustrated( easily done at my age ??) and I am a pumper .

Last spring I built up a tolerance to Apidra. I was hitting 500 too often. I grabed a bottle of Novolin and I responded and my bg's went back to normal. I am on Novolog now. I suggest you get a bottle of Humlin R or Novlin R and see if that helps. You can pump R just change your insulin tail to 6 hours instead of 4.

Regular insulin works for gastroparesis because it's action is slow (to match the slow digestion), but even with gastroparesis you need something faster for corrections. Btw I had clogging problems in the tubing where it met the reservoir with Humalog. My own experience is that Apidra and Novolog work the best for a pump, depending on the individual.

Thanks! I will join the Apidra group.

The problem seems to be that the Apidra gets too hot in the pump tubing, and doesn't work any more. Yesterday, I cleared out the tubing by "filling the cannula" and it seemed to get better.

That might be a good idea.

I know this thread is a couple months old but thought I would respond in case someone else stumbled upon it. It came up when I was Googling something else with Apidra.

When I first started the pump, I was having problems with Apidra dying very early – it didn’t even last 48 hours and I had to change my cartridge every 1 ½ days. Everyone tried to say it was me because I was a new pump user, but when I Googled it, I found a thread on CWD that several people that were experienced pump users and switched to Apidra had that problem. I also stumbled on a message board for CDEs and one of the CDEs said that a lot of her patients also had the problem. I know it wasn’t just me!

I agree with what Zoe said about the site problems because I had a lot of those also. Once I figured out the Apidra problem, I would change the cartridge and not the site and my BS would go back to normal with fresh Apidra. That is one thing someone could do to make sure it is the Apidra and not the site.