I was thinking about asking to change my insulin from Humolog to Apidra. I have lots of spikes after meals. I heard that it doesn't work too well in the pump. True? ALSO, once you changed over, do you have to do many changes to your basal and I:C 's?

Thanks for your advice. I'm enjoying this site and I'm already improving my numbers!


Just now doing the same thing. The Apidra literature says not to use a reservoir for more than 48 hours. My endo says ok for 72, which is still a whole day shorter than I’ve been doing Novalog. Tried it longer and kept going hi. Not sure how it’s going to work in hot weather. Yes, I’m fiddling everything, but was doing that anyway, which was why the switch.

Hi! I have been on a Apdira for about two years on my pump. I have never had any issues with it. I have gotten some samples from my dr. of Humalog and Novolog at times when I was waiting to get my Apidra filled. I have never had any issues. I use my resevoir for 72 hours and do not have any issues. Also, there is an Apidra No Co-Pay card that after your insurance covers a your co-pay up to $100 dollars! The number is 855-242-6938.

Made the switch to Apidra in my ping a few months ago. I haven't noticed any loss of potency in 72 hours, and loving the faster onset and short tail. Waiting to see what will happen during the summer!

I have been on Apidra for a year now I love it no issues with my minimed pump and i normaly go 4 days before i change it. Apidra gets a little weak on day 4 but no other issues. less leg cramps and spikes.

Thank you for your encouragement ALL. Did you have to change your IC and basals a lot when you changed over? I'm glad to know that it works OK in the pump and that it helps with SPIKES (and leg cramps? I have them too.....)
End of APril and I will change! Thanks

i have noticed large doses of any insulin will cause leg cramps when tring to corect a spike . Apidra is more forgiving in the leg cramp department.all of my settings stayed the same. Apidra for me is stronger when fresh (new) sometimes i will short myself one or two units on a bolus at the begining to keep from going to low. just keep a check on your BS and talk with your doc on what you should do. Good luck

Apidra is supposed to be kept refrigerated when not in use (even vials that have been opened). Since I often carry a spare vial of insulin with me when traveling, that possibility is quickly lost (when I did a "trial" of Apidra, I carried a spare Novolog with me -- and since I could only fill it with 2 days rather than 3 days supply, I unexpectedly got caught short and had to "top off" my Apidra reservoir with Novolog while sitting in my car. No harm done, but definitely not encouraging nor advisable).

Also, I've heard of lots of problems with Apidra in the t:slim. It tends to cake-up and cause occlusions.

Scott, I use a Frio pack for traveling. They're available around the web, price doesn't vary much. Works really well, and not messy!

I've been using Apidra in my pump for about a month now after I was forced to switch to it from Novolog. It seems to work fine, at least no huge differences from what I can tell. I kept all my settings (basal, bolus, etc) the same and having had anything terrible happen as far as high or lows go. One thing I had read was the changing every 48 hours thing and how Apidra can clump up and clog tubing, but I haven't had this happen yet - knock on wood. I haven't had to deal with hot, humid weather yet (I live in Minnesota) so we'll have to see how that will affect this stuff too, but so far so good!

Good luck to you, and this site does rock. :)