App for Tudiabetes

I have been on some forums. I just like foruming. I love using touch smartphones so most of the time I'm using net is from phone than tablet or dekstop. I searched on the Play Store but didn't find nay apps for Tudiabetes. I wanna if there's an app for Tudiabetes that I may have missed. If there is no app for Tu, then it is my suggestion to create one it would be cool. This is the time of smartphones, we all can check it on the run from phones. it could be done with browser also but we all know browser makes it clumsy in the phone n tablet. having an app is always better idea.
Again if I there's app and I just missed my sincere apology.

Hi Chadha,

The TuDiabetes site has been optimized for smartphones, but you still have to get to it by opening a browser and going to And... it's not great. Personally, when I need to get to the site on my phone I use the "desktop view", rather than the mobile view. It's something we're working on, and I'll be sure to make a big announcement about it when we do get an app running :)

I do hope the app comes soon...