App on Android is 10 minutes behind actual time

I just noticed (don’t know if this is new or not) that the time for the glucose values displayed on my app (when scrolling across the graph) is 10 minutes (2 readings) behind the actual time on the phone. Does anyone else have this issue ? Was wondering if I should re-install the app but know the the potential consequences of that.


Which app is this?

Maybe the app author was trying to reflect that CGMs actually lag real-time by circa 10 minutes. Such that the value read at 1:23PM would’ve been your bg at 1:13PM.

Here is a scientific paper where they measure the CGM delay to be (on average) 9.5 minutes:

It’s the Dexcom G6 App Ver

Running on a Galaxy S10 5G running Android 9 One UI version 1.1

I have swapped out to this phone last weekend and don’t know if it was that way on my old phone.

If you’re using the Dexcom app can you take a look.