Dexcom G6 App, past readings on Android LG G7


I’m using the Dexcom app on an Android LG G7 and having a problem that their support staff has not been able to correct or explain yet.

The problem is sliding across the graph to see the actual numeric reading for a past point in time. With the 1 hour view, it works fine, you can swipe across the screen and see the reading for any point on the graph. But when I change to the 3 hour view, it is almost never shows the numbers for anything on the right third of the screen (aka the past 1 hour).
Switch to the 6 hour view, and then it does not show numbers for the right half of the screen (aka the past 3 hours). The 12 and the 24 hour views are the worst. Each will only show numbers for the left most inch of the screen.

Does anyone else have this problem with the app on Android?
What model of phone are you using?
Have you found a solution to make the numeric values display for any point on any scale settings of the graph?

The Android is 8.0, LG G7, G6 app version


Bump. Can anyone else share their experience on getting the numeric values for past readings from the graphs? What model phone are you using?