Apparently, all diabetics had a sweet tooth


my cousin’s in hospital for appendicitis (it got ruptured, and the surgeon pronounced it an appendix mass, lol) and so my parents and i went to see her tonight. my two other cousins and aunt were there too and we were discussing my condition.

my mum made a statement that really really hurt me.

my aunt was asking if i ate a lot of sugar (mentally rolled my eyes at that point) and i said diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar. then my mum said, “but before diabetics are diagnosed, they really love sugar. they consume a lot of sugary food and drink.” or something to that extent. and proceeded to explain about the many soda bottles she found in my room when i was in hospital.

trust me, i was fuming. but it was a hospital, we were all there past visiting hours and i didn’t want to make a fuss. but i was offended.

thankfully my dad explained that when a person has untreated diabetes and very high blood sugar, his body can’t process glucose properly and he ends up craving sugar to make up for the lack of energy. i also explained that not everyone craves sugar the way i did, but others might feel extremely hungry.

i’m actually getting very sensitive to anything diabetes related. i don’t know if this condition is playing around with my emotions too much, but i get internally frustrated or offended when people have misconceptions about this condition. i felt offended at my mum’s statement but like i said, i didn’t want to pick a quarrel and at present am trying to forget about it.

i mean it’s true that i did have a sweet tooth prior to diagnosis, but it was only within that 1 or 2 months before i was diagnosed that i really went all out on the sugary drinks. perhaps my mum’s other diabetic colleagues told her that they experienced similar symptoms which is why she arrived at such a conclusion.

it’s just not fair, how society looks at people like me, and you, or your son or daughter (depending on who you are). there are days i still feel like an outcast because of my diabetes. and i’m beginning to feel annoyed when people don’t get their facts right about diabetes. it’s a widespread condition, and ironically so few know the true facts behind it. sadly, some diabetics don’t know the facts behind what’s going on in their own bodies!

should i work for or with the media one day, i will make sure the message of awareness gets out and about here.


The sugary drinks might have also been because your were THIRSTY and untreated diabetes causes excessive thirst. If your household was anything like mine, ‘sugary drinks’ might have been the only choice besides water.

I too get annoyed with misinformation and old wives tales. Thanks for writing about this, Daena.


well I certainly had a sweet tooth and a lot of thirst before I was diagnosed!
I would get through packets of skittles every day, which was something I’d never done before. before meals my dying pancreas would occasionally kick in making me drop like crazy, and feel low, even though I was actually about 9mmol/l.
And more than that, I would get through a couple of litres of orange juice a day, on top of about 5 litres of water.
that’s not what caused the diabetes, it’s just yet another symptom, and THAT’s what people need educated about. My friends who saw me getting through so much juice automatically assumed that was the cause, and not a symptom of my diabetes.


gaylene & emma, my sentiments exactly!


For a long time I would get really angry when people said ignorant things about diabetes. I would get really defensive and almost blow up at people. Let me just say…that never gets a good response. I had to learn to feel out the situation and pick and choose the people that I corrected. Eventually I just accepted that some people are just ignorant. If anything, I feel sorry for them that they are walking around saying such ignorant things. One thing it has done for me is made me very aware to research other diseases before I make the same mistake.

Also, my family made fun of me about what I ate right before I was dignosed with diabetes for years. It hurt my feelings a lot…I eventually had to tell them that they needed to leave it alone. i’m so sorry your family isn’t being more understanding of you. Please know that you are totally normal though!


I work with nurses and you would be surprised what they don’t know about the disease. I have even ran in to some of the misconceptions by them. I think people like to blame others for the things that happen to them so that they themselves feel less vulnerable. just a theory.