Dumb People Comments!

Ever get good and mad at somebody who doesn’t know a thing about “D”? I’d like to read a few dumb statements. I would like to collect them, print them out, and give 'em to those folks. Recently I had a relative who said “drinking Coca-Cola every day will give you diabetes” huh? wha? yeah, right! Keep it clean; children read these posts too.

I had my director of nursing at the hospital one year tell me she didn’t want to give me the ham that the hospital was giving for Christmas because PWD should not eat ham. Hmmmmm coming from a Nurse too???

This from a 20-year nursing veteran, as I was dosing for a gyros sandwich at the end of a day that also included us having lunch earlier:

You take too much insulin.”

one thing i get A LOT: “but you don’t look diabetic”

ummm…what’s a diabetic supposed to look like?
lol I actually asked one guy that. he just looked at me kinda funny and didn’t say anything else.

I like to do stuff like eat cookies and donust lying around our office and, when the inevitable "are you supposed to be eating that?" questions pop up go "well, I was gonna run five miles and, since it's nice, I'll probably run more so I should probably have 2 cookies..."

I get this so much I bought a shirt that reads "Does This Shirt Make Me Look Diabetic?". I have been meaning to take a picture of it and use it as my picture on this site.

I hear this one constantly as well. I asked one woman if she could tell by looking whether a person had a functioning pancreas. Actually ended up having a fine conversation with her as we were selecting produce in the grocery store. (she had noticed my medic alert tattoo when I was reaching for spaghetti squash)

I think there's a difference between dumb and uneducated. I know how little *I* knew before D wormed it's way into my life. I try to see these comments as an opportunity to educate.

That being said... it really is annoying! LOL I get the 'you don't look diabetic' a fair amount, or have someone just look me up and down, which is almost worse. Well-meaning family members who are proud to offer sugar-free food that's loaded with carbs is a toughie - I talk about this enough that they should know better!

lol! I'd love one of those!

....A previous doctor of mine once said to me that I was lucky beeing a T1 and not a T2 ....because T1 is not a lifestyle disease and therefore you can eat cakes and all sorts of sugar and just adjust with your insulin......Even I hadn't been a T1 for long at the time I totally understood that this was the most stupid thing to say.......

Ahh yes, the "You don't look sick" one is always fun.

One that get's me every time is when someone will go "Oh, I am having a low blood sugar, I'm so tired! This is what you must feel like during a low" and wilt in a dramatic way. I get all concerned and say, "Wow, that's very rare to have that without injecting insulin or anti-diabetic drugs. Do you have a tumor on your pancreas? Let me check your blood sugar with my meter so we're safe and you can have some of my glucose tablets" I haven't done it with a stranger but I pulled this one on my boyfriend as well as fellow company members. They always take me up on my offer and their sugars are always a perfect 100-110. Nah, they're not low, they're just hungry! A little drastic, but I'm sick of people pulling a drama queen moment thinking they know what it feels like.

I hope that didn't make me sound like a douche, but it's true and humorous! At least buddies know that they aren't going to die!

I will find out where my wife got them (it was an internet site) and let you know......

Just a quick note here. The funny question...you have a low blood sugar...you want me to give you some more insulin? yeah right!

I hear people say, "Oh, my blood sugar is low!' ALL the time and it drives me nuts! They have no idea what they are talking about! People who really DO have legitimate hypoglycemia actually know what that term (hypoglycemia) means, etc.

I've never gotten the, "You don't look diabetic ..." comment, but that may be because I am an overweight T1 so it just fits into people's stereotypes.

Fairly regularly I will get someone who goes, "It must be nice to have your blood sugars automatically regulated!" or something similar about my pump. I wish! A lot of people think the pump measures my blood sugar. I even had a doctor at the emergency room ask me that about six months ago, just before they knocked me out (although to be fair she may have been just asking if it had a CGM built in).

One comment I hate is when non-endocrinologists ask me questions like, "What are your fasting blood sugars?" I have no idea how to answer that because there is no one set range that they fall into. A few years ago my GP said, "Your fasting blood sugar was 7.4, you must have been running high that day," as if my fasting blood sugar has any impact at all on the rest of my day ... (plus, in my opinion 7.4 is not all that high!).

Hahaha, that one is classic awesomeness.

I was 10 when I took D. I know things have changed alot since 1973 but this remains with me 38 years later. Now I see they were totally uninformed about D but when I returned back to school after missing for a bit due to a hospital stay when I was 1st diagnosed the TEACHER told some of the kids "Don't play with her you might catch diabetes then have to take shots for the rest of YOUR life" It turned out that some of the kids were afraid to even breath the same air as me. Oh well live & learn.

Please.... I'm not trying to make fun of those who do not know about "D". Information is what I'm trying to spread. Especally since Blue Day is coming.........but, humor makes things easier........off my soapbox

Love it Catherine, may steal it if that's ok ;)

No worries, steal it, enjoy it and remember to use it only for evil and not good...uh I mean good not evil ;)

When did they change that? LOL!