April 2017

I wrote a blog on Tudiabetes in 2015 entitled April Blog. In honor of National Poetry Month, the following is an excerpt:

"My New Year always begins in April, begins with spring.

These seasons do keep rolling around. In earlier years I published the following haikus on TuDiabetes in recognition of difficult winters and rejuvenating Aprils:

Icicles are poised
to stab, sharp as my lancets.
Our winter lingers.

Twenty years, pricking,
stabbing fingers and belly.
April, bring me hope!"

Each year the winter seems to bring me new health problems; I can thank Type 1 Diabetes for some of them. Each year April does bring me hope. April is the time to make plans, plans such as going on trailer trips when the weather is good. Keeping my legs functioning has been my concern and goal all my life. Spring and summer is walking time, my plans and hopes includes walking in the Toledo area’s unique Metroparks as well as the State and National parks on our trips. Our two old Golden Retriever girls love nature walks, too, so in a nutshell–those are my hopes and dreams and plans. May your dreams come true in 2017, and may our Diabetes treat us well. Happy Vacations everyone!


Well said, as ever, old friend…Thinking of you and your furry friends enjoying the beautiful places Mother Earth offers you so close by!..Love to you…


Stabbing is a pain
Fingers sore and bleeding, but
Our life is the gain.

Glad it is Spring for you. Autumn here, time for our wildflower season and my heart lifts every year to see the colour in the bush.


Hi Pastelpainter. When we have a long hot summer, I love the beginning of fall. I even have relatives who love winter with its skiing, etc. Still, I admit, my favorite time is spring–April and May. I have never been to Australia, which I do regret. I’d love to see the scenes and colors you describe.