April blog

"Beam me up, Scottie!" TuDiabetes will teleport its Ning content on April 6th through April 20th. April marks a new beginning for TuDiabetes on its new platform.

This has been a long and chilling winter for me.

Mid-December, my husband, Hardy, and our three Golden Retrievers hiked along the Maumee River at Side Cut Metropark. It was a gorgeous day, the River and its water birds were stunning. I will always be grateful for that day. Our 14 1/2 year old Golden loved hiking from the day she was born, and enjoyed the sights and smells of the trail. She died of old age two weeks later after a long and happy life. Unfortunately, I developed a problem with my legs that same day--the valves in them ceased to function fully. My legs were swollen after the hike, then my feet, then my toes. Infected toes ensued, followed by two rounds of antibiotics. I went from walking in my stocking feet to walking in sandals to walking in extra-depth shoes. I am still walking very cautiously.

Winter took its toll on Side Cut Metropark as well. Ice jams left destruction that is now being cleared away, workers preparing the Park for the new growth of spring. I really want to walk that trail again, and soon. My New Year always begins in April, begins with spring.

These seasons do keep rolling around. In earlier years, I published the following haikus on TuDiabetes in recognition of difficult winters and rejuvenating Aprils:

Icicles are poised
to stab, sharp as my lancets.
Our winter lingers.

Twenty years, pricking,
stabbing fingers and belly.
April, bring me hope!

Perfect Haiku. Exquisite blog. Love you. Blessings, as ever...Judith in Portland

So sorry for your loss Trudy. I hope your legs & feet get better and you get to do the walk.

Thanks so much, Judith. High praise indeed, from such a talented writer. Love you, too!

Thank you, Meee. Betsy and Cici still check out Aggie's favorite napping spots, so I guess the whole pack has good memories. I'm determined to try walking next week, so thanks for the good wishes.

Trudy----Of course I am following you closely on FB. Whatever happens this month, let's be sure we find each other on our new, still beloved even if it confuses us for awhile, TuD!

Judith, I'm sure hoping we can easily talk on the upcoming TuD. However, thank goodness for Facebook!

Trudy, sorry you lost your dear old golden. And am sorry also to hear about your legs and feet, hope you are well on the way to recovery now.

Thanks, Maureen, sweet Aggie is missed. My feet are back to normal again, but I'm afraid the valve problem is permanent. I hope to work up to a useful amount of walking again, though, as summer approaches. Guess your winter is approaching!