Are air bubbles harmful?

I was wondering about the air that goes into the body when injecting insulin or when using the pump, we do our best to remove it before injecting, however sometimes there will be some small ones that will pass us.

Do they keep adding up over time and create a big bubble inside the body? Do they go with the blood stream? How do they leave our bodies?

Answer that I found:

The reason that injecting air into the blood stream is a problem is that
the bubbles will travel to the capillaries in the lung and plug them up.
This is called an air embolism. If gas exchange in the capillaries in the
lungs is so impeded that the there is insufficient oxygen in the arterial
blood then the tissues of the body will not function properly. This can be
fatal. It also takes more than just a few small bubbles to cause a
problem. Blood clots that travel to the lungs can also be fatal. This is
also the reason for “bends” in divers. The nitrogen from the air is forced
into solution in the blood under pressure and at decompression bubbles out
of the blood.
Injecting air into the muscle or fat would not find its way into the blood
stream very easily and would not cause problems with pulmonary embolism.
If a lot of air was injected into muscle or fat it would dissect into the
tissue and form a pocket until it was absorbed into the tissue. The
dissection may cause some discomfort and broken blood vessels, but that
would be the most that would happen…Source

Sorry for the long post

i was told that air bubbles are bad because it causes inaccuracy when you inject “so so” amount. But sometimes i can’t get rid of those stupid bubbles no matter how hard i try, even if i start all over.
Maybe we are all full of air!! hot air! hahaha

I’ve always been told I’m full of hot air. Maybe that’s why.

another concern for every inch of bubble I have : one unit of insulin NOT delivered …and when you take about 20 u daily…that is a CONCERN ( highs !!)
Thanks Master Al …more to learn :slight_smile:

I find it hard to get rid of air bubbles also. I usually fill up more than I need & waste some to remove the bubbles, but often they’re still there. Gets worse the less insulin there is in the vial.