Are other Minnesota Diabetics getting cheap insulin?

So, the insulin manufacturers have officially paid my entire deductible. I got 3 bottles of Humalog today for $75. I go to Walgreens, but I expect the insulin manufacturer coupons are state wide. If you have any additional info, please share. I hope that everyone is getting insulin deals. I am RICH with insulin!!!

Our state government is full of true gangsters to be able to make pharma nervous.:rofl: They made it rain insulin.

Am I the only one getting cheap insulin?

BTW, I went down to capitol to give them valentines. But, on accident, it was the day after Klobachar (spelling?) declared candidacy, so it was a mess down there with the snow and all the commotion.


Iā€™m confused, can you explain further?

I just filled my Novolog, using savings card from mfg. Even though my deductible is not met, my cost was $75. CVS puts card info in their system, and this card is valid for 2 years. Unfortunately, requires that you have insurance (not Medicare). I will be checking to see how it shows up on my pharmacy plan, as itā€™s the first time I used this card. So my cost was low, but donā€™t think it used up deductible, but would be pleasant surprise if it did.
This one is similar to one I got last year.

Add: just checked and see an amount was applied to my deductible, greater than the $75 that I paid. But still more deductible to go.

I am not in Minnesota.

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Unfortunately people on Medicare are not allowed to benefit from such dealsā€¦ :cry:

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@MM1, I should be more clear. The state of Minnesota is in a big fight with the insulin manufacturers. Its been going on for 2-3 months. I have a private policy. This year, the insulin manufacturers have only charged me $25 per bottle, instead of $275, for Humalog. 4 bottles this year, means I paid $100, and they paid $250 x 4 = $1,000 (the cost of my deductible). You coupon/card people told me that the total cost of the insulin gets applied to my deductible. Thats a big deal. P.S. Its also possible that they have doubled my deductible since last I checked. :joy::grin:


Laddie, Medicare is kinda crap compared to Medicaid, huh? Or, as we used to call itā€¦MinnesotaCare. Is that why you guys always need more than one policy - to cover drugs?

Its possible that when I called them, they said it was for ā€œnon-governmentalā€ policies, so no Medicare applicability, I guess. Thats a bummer. Thanks for clarifying.