Are T1's at risk for cancer?

Poor reporting Fox News. Given statistical differentiation and error there is not a higher risk. The study even called out that males with T1D had no significant additional risk and T1D females in the study had a 7% difference - that is NOT something to be concerned with. Keep doing what you are doing: eating healthy foods, working out a few times a week.


I’d read somewhere that people with allergies and autoimmune conditions were actually at lower risk of cancer because the immune system is so hypersensitive that it goes after anything viewed as even remotely dangerous or abnormal (or something like that).


This is a great discussion. A lot of times when I post these things I am on the fence or actually disagree. Our intent is to spark conversation and make our members aware of diabetes in the new.

I appreciate your feedback.


Jen, I hope that it’s true that those of us with allergies and autoimmune conditions are at lower risk. With my five autoimmune conditions, I ought to be at really, really low risk for cancer!

I have read that those taking Metformin have a lower risk than average of getting cancer. When I was diagnosed my doctor said maybe the lymphoma I had many years ago had caused T2 in later years. Not sure about any of this!

I am a T1, with thyroid problems and a history of two different cancers. Just bad luck I guess…

Sorry to hear about that!!