Are there any ways to avoid bleeders when inserting sensor

Everytime I insert the G6 on my arm, I get a bleeder. Its not bad but I do notice a tiny circle of blood form on the adhesive at the insertion site. I think I’ve only been able to get 2 without bleeding.

For the ones that bleed, i notice the sensor error where gaps start to appear occurs much quicker.

Is there any way to avoid them, I’ve been putting these on the front and side of the top of my arm about 3 inches from the top.

It is chance when you place a sensor. Does it only happen when you use your arm, the answer might be to not place them there.

I don’t thing there is a way to avoid them, I sometimes get bleeders with my Libre sensors, There is no way to see what’s below the skin.

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I rotate arms and legs.
When I do arms, I lean up against doorway to get similar effect to squeezing up skin. I don’t usually get blood, but not sure if this really prevents it. When I do inner thigh, I also “pinch” up skin to insert.

Occasionally I see blood on adhesive, before applying transmitter, but usually small amount, and have generally good readings.

You could also call Dexcom for replacement sensor if happens frequently.

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I’ve only tried the arms because I want to leave the tummy for cannula insertion and my thighs and buttocks don’t work as they are often irritated and sore when I use them for cannula for insertions.

Where on the arm do you put it? I do it on the side and the front because I tried it on the back once and the adhesive just keeps coming off. Not sure why but probably from sweat?

I put it on the side, slightly toward back, to avoid catching it on doorways.

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