Are you a wimp when it comes time to inject?

Ok so I’ve been taking daily shots for over 8 years. But I still act like a HUGE wimp. I hesitate…make a pouting face and hold my breathe and bite my tongue REALLY hard almost EVERY injection.

I remember a couple phases that lasted a week or two where it didn’t affect me and I just injected without emotional hesitation. I’m not sure what made me feel a little braver during those times.

Any tips on how to get over this? Or is it too late since I have been fighting it so long?

I used to be a wimp also for many, many years. Then one day I got hit by lightning(or something) and injecting hasn’t bothered me since. I wish I knew what changed my attitude so I could pass it on. Maybe I just decided that I had a Family to look after and didn’t have time to be a wimp anymore or maybe enough time had passed and I was ready to accept giving my injections without fear. It’s never too late to do something that is necessary that you want to do. I did it…You can do it!! Good Luck!

I am a wimp whenever anyone else is holding the needle or lancet. Even if it’s not me the needle is going into (e.g. watching someone getting a shot in a movie. BTW, the adrenaline-with-giant-needle-to-the-heart in Pulp Fiction? Watch it very closely, you never actually see the needle break the skin! Great set-up, great movie!)

But if I’m holding the needle, and it’s going into me, no problemo.

I think that for me, the transition was not instant. For a long time after learning home bg testing I avoided it. Now I couldn’t imagine life without home bg test.

Inject into the tummy great next to no nerves there. I use 8 mm syringes with a reasonably fine needle. I find testing BG more annoying.

I at least don’t pass out at the sight of a syringe any longer–but shots, set insertion and sensor insertion still cause pause. Some days more than others…and as long as I get the lab tech that I followed to whatever lab corp office they have her working in…she knows how to get me most times the first draw (I have really bad viens) i normally don’t pass out unless she’s got to make a second stab…

And I do hold my breath as well–sometimes there is much hesitation first–false starts shall we say

so you are not alone

I have an EXTREME fear of needles. It’s at the point that after any sort of blood draw it takes me 15-20 minutes to recover enough to be able to even sit up or stand. It’s just…really bad. Luckily my boyfriend was willing to do all my injections for the first months.

That’s one reason I went to the pump. I was getting very depressed over the whole thing and having to freak out several times a day just made it worse. I couldn’t even do my own finger sticks! I ended up going to see a psychiatrist who specialized in fears like that, and it helped tremendously. She led me through relaxation exercises and image therapy. It sounds silly but having someone actually show you how to relax does make a difference. I still can’t deal with needles well (and usually need help applying a new pump) but I can manage and I seem to do better each time I need a blood draw.

Look up some basic breathing exercises, learning to get yourself in a calm state makes everything easier. Just don’t think you’re the only wimp out there! :slight_smile:

The thought of it is worse than the doing it. Just do it, don’t think. Maybe inject when you’re busy so you won’t have time to consider it:)

Do your shots hurt? I don’t feel them. Makes me cringe seeing the needles people used in the past.

No it doesn’t hurt at all most of the time. Mostly psychological I’m sure. I just need some brain numbing instead of numbing skin cream.

Funny you mention being busy. When I am really busy and inject at work it is a lot easier and quicker!

Than that’s the trick. Or, stand outside your front door so you’ll have to inject quickly–lol.