Are you being induced?

Just curious to know who out there is choosing an early induction, or is being prescribed an early induction due to the chances of the baby getting very big if carried to full term.
My first was born naturally at 39w4d and was 10lb4oz, which I think was too big for me. Had a terrible time getting her out!
This time around I was hoping for an early induction to prevent the drama. I live overseas, so I’m curious to know the protocol in America. (I am an American and usually side with American medical practices)

I was told I will definitely not be allowed to go past 39 weeks. It sounds like I will likely be induced during week 37 or 38. I will be getting twice weekly NSTs starting at week 28 and once weekly growth scans starting in week 32 to see how the baby is doing and to make any specific decisions on induction!

Hi, @T1_Japan – I was curious whether you got close monitoring with your first baby or whether the estimated weight (based on ultrasound measurements) was way off. I have been thinking about your question here and wondering whether the right approach for you might be to plan for induction if… (and select a threshold of weight or whatever other things you think are reasonable, in conversation with your local doctors), and not just think that you must be induced to have a better birth experience. This is the reverse (but same principle – flexibility adapted to the actual circumstances) I was hoping for before I gave birth. In my case getting induced made for a much longer and worse (for me; thankfully baby came out in great shape) labor and delivery than could have been the case.

(For context: I gave birth in October 2017 and was adamantly opposed to induction since nothing suggested a very large baby or any other complications. I ended up getting induced at 40w3d largely as a concession to my husband; I tell more of that story elsewhere on this forum.)

How are things going with your pregnancy, @Lcpgh ? I’m at 27 weeks. Baby is measuring a little big, but not so much that I’m concerned. I was told today they want to start NSTs 2x week at 32 weeks. I’d really like to avoid excessive monitoring, especially leading to unnecessary intervention. If the first one is normal, I’ll prob come back in at least a week. Just bracing myself for the fight of what docs say I have to do and what I will actually allow.

Thank you for asking!!! I am also 27 weeks right now! We are doing a fetal
echocardiogram this week (just a precaution). Next week I start the weekly
NST’s and the weekly growth scans so I’m not sure how he’s measuring yet.
The plan is still to be induced no later than 39 weeks. The only thing I’m
not super happy about is that if he’s huge then we will just schedule a
c-section instead of inducing early.

Everything is still going okay though! My a1c hasn’t been higher than 5.2
since conceiving. Unfortunately I’m still super sick and throwing up
multiple times a day. That is making things a little difficult and

Glad things are going ok, minus the sickness. I somehow lucked out. Just a hint of nausea early on, but mild enough to manage with lemon, ginger, and mints.
I skipped the fetal echo, after much consideration. Main reason was that it would be out of pocket, not having met insurance deductible yet. I did a lot of reading on statistics of abnormalities found compared to just U/S. With nothing abnormal found on the anatomy U/S or genetic testing, I felt ok not getting it done.
My doctors review Dexcom numbers at my appt and also every week or so online, then make recommendations to adjust rates. They haven’t checked A1c since October, though I am curious what it might be. I can see how it makes sense that week to week detail tells more that a 3 mo. average.
I was 27/2 weeks at last U/S, with baby measuring 3 lb, 1 oz (28/6 weeks.) Hoping she hasn’t jumped too much by the next appt, but also bearing in mind that I was born (natural) perfectly fine at over 9 lb.

To be honest, I work from home and have a SUPER flexible schedule, but if I didn’t I would probably fight a lot more things like the fetal echo. I really didn’t have anything to lose by doing it. We had that last week and it was very eventful! All major abnormalities ruled out! Phew!

I hope your measurements stay within “normal” range. I’m getting my first growth scan next week and I’m so anxious to see how big he is. My husband and I both have big genes so he might just be a big baby anyway!

Keep me posted :slight_smile:

Baby measured 5 lb 10 oz at my 32+2 wk appointment. I was guessing (by the 1/2 lb per week rule) that she would be 5 1/2 lb, so I am happy with this being pretty close (and an estimate, anyway.) Doctor says she is still comfortable with natural birth, as long as weight doesn’t shoot up. She wants to have another U/S at about 36/37 weeks. I’m going to push for stalling on that, if possible.
I was able to ask some questions about how things are managed when it is time to deliver. The resident informed me that they use insulin/dextrose drip, which I was not on board with. Doctor came in shortly after that, explaining that I will be able to manage my own pump & CGM in “early labor.” We compromised that I will do so as long as possible, but if it gets to a point where I am not suceeding or am too distracted, then I would consider trying it their way. . . As for induction, I was told they don’t necessarily start pushing for it at a specific weight or week. She says we will look the “big picture” if it gets to that point. I felt pretty good with this answer, since I hear about so many people being told, weeks out, that their doc is already planning to induce at however many weeks.
I have my first NST this Tuesday and an appt with the doctor. I’ll be in for at least one or both of these every week, going forward. I know the time is going to fly by. Scary, but also exciting. This last week, I’ve really started feeling uncomfortably pregnant, with the difficulty sleeping, bloating/pressure, etc. Just trying to hang in there and make it through a couple more weeks of working.
How are you doing?

Ooo, I’m jumping in here too. I hope you ladies are all doing well and holding those precious babies! Would love to hear your birth stories and how things went for you!

I’m 23w3d right now and starting to fight higher blood sugars, although that could just be my sites acting up again. Its so hard to tell sometimes!
My last ultrasound at the mfm was Monday the 14th and little man was measuring a bit big at 1 lb 8 oz, so now I’m worried that in the end, they’re going to claim he’s too big for the natural delivery I’m working towards. Neither my husband nor I are small people to begin with, although we were both normal 8lbs at birth.
Meals are hard right now! I just want to eat junk food because the healthy foods I was eating are making me gag. I literally have no taste for them. It doesn’t help that the fatigue kicked in for my second trimester and I haven’t had a lot of energy to cook meals at the end of the day.
@gitana217 my endo has already noted my patient file that I or my husband are to be allowed to manage my blood sugar and insulin requirements during delivery - I don’t trust the nurses one bit! They said to ask if there was a machine called a Glucomander at the hospital, which to me sounds like an external closed-loop system…? I’m not sure, I didn’t get clarification at the time and it doesn’t seem like it will matter now. My doula is set to help us with that as well - love her!
How are you feeling?

@kcco When I saw this yesterday, I was on my first day of leave from work, forcing myself to relax before doing anything like tackling the housecleaning I want to get done or composing a reply.
Baby had other plans - my water broke about 10:15 pm. Packed up and headed up to the hospital. I was having no contractions/signs of labor, so they did start Pitocin a little past 12 hours after water breaking. That’s going now, but haven’t felt anything yet.
I’ve definitely had to fight a little regarding having my pump. The doctors on duty are really pressuring me to switch me to the insulin/dextrose drip. I firmly remind them that it was discussed with my own doctor that I prefer to manage it myself as long as I am doing so successfully. I was a little elevated on my Dexcom (140s) after having breakfast. By the time I was due for the nurse to check it, I was back below 100. Just planning to be careful about my intake and try to keep the numbers good, so they don’t have a good argument for taking over.

Oh good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

I had two babies that were born by c-section but with both I was not allowed to go past 39 weeks.
First was induced and failed, so I needed and emerg c-sec at exactly 39 weeks, second was scheduled c-sec at almost 38 weeks.
I had more severe symptoms the second pregnancy so starting at 25ish weeks I had ultrasounds done every 2 weeks, then weekly towards the end and a lot of NST.
I am in Canada btw. My OB suggested I try VBAC with my second but I had to be induced again and induced VBACs can be a lot more riskier so I opted for elective c-sec.
Baby 1 was 7lbs 11oz, baby 2 7lbs 6oz, both boys.

Oops! I should read the post dates! I am new here so…first mess up :slight_smile: