Are you keeping your Animas Ping for awhile?

Hi - I’m new to the forum, I’m a T1 with an Animas Ping and (like others) have been reading through multiple posts trying to decide on the Medtronic 670g vs. the tslim. My ping warranty expires November 5. I think I’m going to go with the tslim eventually based on the negative posts about 670g. Animas has been calling me every two days (literally) to get me to register for the $750 Visa by July 31.

The thing is… due to a long pump break a couple of years ago, I’ve got 9 months of supplies left for my Ping. It almost makes more sense for me to keep the Ping until it dies. Or, on November 6, get the tslim. I’m feeling very pressured by Animas and Medtronic to make a decision right now, but with 9 months of supplies, I could be fine for a long time if the pump doesn’t break.

Has anyone else made the decision to just keep your Ping for awhile until your supplies run out?

Hi @Jolene7 - welcome to the TU Forum!

I’m in Canada with an Animas Vibe, virtually the same situation as you (except I don’t have 6 months of pump supplies). Animas is totally gone and have contracted Medtronic Canada to do their bidding. Similar gimmicks to the US, as well as cutting off all pump supplies the end of September.

The trouble for us is many provinces, including the one I’m in, haven’t approved the Tandem pump(s) as “qualified approved devices”, hence there’s no provincial program to cover the cost of either a new pump or supplies. We only have 2 pump choices here: Omnipod or Medtronic.

I’m hoping the province will approve Tandem shortly as I likely won’t make it beyond Christmas with this Vibe (the display screen is shot and can’t be read in daylight conditions).

I suppose we could go MDI for a few months, but that like taking 10 steps backwards … :roll_eyes:

Welcome to TuD, @Jolene7. I’ve used two Animas Pings over the years and both screens, after the 4-year warranty expires suffered from the fading screen the @Thas mentions on his Vibe.

It’s always nice to have a backup pump but just know that your screen will likely not survive in the long run. I’d be tempted to grab the $750 and gift the supplies to someone else but with your trying a new model pump like the Tandem it would be comforting to have a proven backup on the shelf. A new Tandem pump would come with significant protection, however, in the form of a warranty.

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Have you thought about keeping both? I know the new pump supplier will want you to surrender your current pump, but I’ve successfully argued to keep it every time I upgraded. Then you could keep your Ping for back-up in the event you have an extended issue with your T:slim.

I didn’t try to keep my Animas pump when I moved to T:slim. I wish I had. It’s a nice feeling to know you have a back-up even if you never need it.

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Thank you, Patyone! I didn’t know that keeping my Ping would be an option if I get the new T-Slim - I thought I “had” to surrender my old pump in order to get a new pump. I love the idea of keeping it as a back-up :slight_smile: I will try to argue to keep it as I have a ton of supplies left. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you, Terrry4 - Ugh, thanks for reminding me of the screen-fade issue! I had forgotten about that - I did actually experience that with my first Ping a few years ago. That’s helpful to keep in mind - thanks again!

I’m also still using my Animas pump, four years out of warranty. It’s literally held together by tape and has the dim-screen issue mentioned by @Terry4.

I’ve decided to go with the YpsoPump, who are offering a free pump plus free box of cartridges and infusion sets to any pumper (in or out of warranty) who purchases three months of cartridges and sets. Pharmacare will hopefully cover the cost of the supplies for me, but if not I will see if my insurance will. I just need to wait to see the pump before making a final decision, but I’ve already put in the paperwork, so they are just waiting for my final OK. Part of my decision to go with this pump is that I’ve switched over to the Libre because my insurance covers it (my plan doesn’t cover Dexcom). It also has an app that allows you to see the pump status on your phone, which is a big deal for me because I can use my phone’s accessibility features to view this data (though the app leaves something to be desired with accessibility, it is usable with my level of vision).

The free YpsoPump will come with a year-long warranty. I may love the pump, but if not, I will re-evaluate the t:slim or any other options that come along at that time.

Thanks, Jim_in_Calgary - Yes, I’ve been on MDI for a few months using Tresiba - it’s not that bad : ) so far. I’m wanting to hold out for a new T-Slim. I spoke with Medtronic Rep today and she told me that I can participate in the “exchange” program - e.g. exchange my Ping for the 670g as a “pump to pump” exchange - meaning that I can get the pump only but not the CGM portion (and use the 670g in manual mode). The 670g would be mine to keep. She also said that this exchange would not go through my insurance and would be a “switch out” for the duration of my Animas warranty (e.g. through Nov 5). The odd thing though that caught my attention was that I asked “what happens after Nov 5 when the Animas warranty runs out?” she said that as of Nov 6, if I’m using that 670g, my insurance MAY NOT authorize my getting a “new pump” (e.g the Tslim) because I already technically have a “new pump” in my possession… even though it didn’t go through my insurance. She said “it depends on the insurance provider”. This was a surprise to me (particularly since the Animas Rep told me I would be able to get a new pump) I don’t want to be “stuck” with the 670g for 4 years because of some odd technicality that’s not written clearly anywhere. Very confusing.

Hi Jen I’ve never heard of the Ypso - very interesting! Thanks for posting the information! Good to know your Animas lasted 4 years out of warranty - I may invest in some electrical tape to keep mine together too ha : )

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This is exactly why I don’t want to opt for either Medtronic or Omnipod. Whatever I take I’m stuck with that technology for 4 years.

And the Tandem pump I’m waiting the province to approve? That’s the t:slim X2. There’s no clarity as to whether the Canadian version will be firmware upgradeable to the IQ basal algorithm when Canada gets around to approving that.

The YpsoPump only recently became available in Canada, and it’s not available in the US (sorry, should have clarified that in my post). I believe it’s available in the UK and Australia, as well as other European countries.

Thanks again, everyone that responded! Super helpful : )

Hi Jolene,
I am staying on the Animas Ping. I actually tried the 670G from Medtronic on the exchange program and discovered that there is something in the Medtronic pump system to which my body chemistry reacts negatively. During the month I was on the 670 I spent much of the time fighting high ketones having to change out my infusion sets an average of every 20 hours - yep, some lasted 6 hours, some lasted 30 hours - but the end result was my body kept walling off the insulin being infused into my body probably because of some sort of a reaction to something in the Medtronic reservoirs. Medtronic was completely unsympathetic and basically responded “To bad, so sad, sucks to be you”. I went back on an old Animas ping I had with a fading screen and all of the medical problems I had on the Medtronic pump went away. So, I have been collecting supplies, have been able to obtain a newer Ping that I am now using that I can actually see (VBG) and will be continuing on my Animas pump until my insurance allows me to purchase a new one in January 2021. So, my recommendation is to stay on your Animas until you qualify for a new one in November since you have enough supplies, then transition to the Tandem or perhaps the new Ypso Pump. In any case, keep the Animas pump for a back up and you should be able to keep enough supplies for an emergency back up after you get the new pump. Don’t let Animas/Medtronic pressure you into making a switch that you do not want to make because if there is a problem afterwards, you will be stuck. You have only 30 days from the date they mail the Medtronic pump out to you in which you can return it (but you would not get your Animas pump back if you send it in even if you returned the Medtronic pump) and in many cases you aren’t able to get training and up and running on the 670G within those 30 days enough to make a good evaluation of its fit for you. So, November isn’t that far away. You are not the only one who is staying with their Animas pump for as long as they can/need.


Tandem CEO recently stated they are rolling the updates out Internationally soon. I forget the wording or more precise.

There is a Tandem conference call next week where this particular topic may come back up. It obviously is of huge interest to many people.

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Hi Kathryn41 - Thank you so much - this was super helpful! I’m going to hold on to my Ping until November. Much appreciated!

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