Are you the only one?

Have you ever asked ANY of your doctors if you are the only Type I patient they have or ever had?

Would you believe that my very first Endo (which was banned BTW from practicing in our state) only had Type 2's and I was his very first Type I? He even told me he knew nothing about insulin pumps. He was very old school and used the method of treating with a sliding scale.

This year after seeing my OB/Gyn for 30 yrs (WOW...really it's been that long!)I had to find a new one because he retired. Well, I chose a very young doctor fresh out of school thinking that she would have up to date information on diabetes and that she would know what an insulin pump was or at lease looked like. Guess what? When she saw the infusion set and my sensor she asked what it was. Well, at lease she asked....most don't.

Even my Cardiologist....I'm his first Type I. Although, he did tell me his best friend has Type I. Hmmm....does that count? LOL

Kristina, sounds like you had a rough time also. Glad to hear you were able to see the nurse practitioner instead.

i know me and a t1 neighbour have the same gp so shes got at least two type ones, but she openly admits that i probably know more about t1 tan she does. she has the power of prescription though...

My neighbor and I have the same Endo. Ah, yes the power of prescription! They've got us hook, line and sinker.

The ONLY doctor I have that treats other Type I's is my Endo. He told me he wasn't sure how many Type I's he treated but, he did tell me he had approximately 200 patients on an insulin pump. Not sure how many on MDI.