Are you using Apidra®?

Hi Every One !
Iam Tipe 1 diabetic since 33 years ago, and using multiple shots of insulin
I have been using humalog for more than 12 years and Lantus for around 8 years.

Does any one heard about these “new” fast acting insulling ??
the URL is

Can please share deails about your experience with these insuling ??

Thanks !!

Hola a Todos !!
Soy diabetico Tipo 1 desde hace 33 años en multiples dosis de insulina.
Tengo mas de 12 años usando humalog y 8 usando lantus. Me encontre en la web con una nueva insulina rapida que se llama Apidra® y pueden ver mas en

Queria saber si miembros de esta comunidad la usan y si me pueden contar de su experiencia con Apidra ???

Un abrazo,

I just got off the phone with my endo, and she suggested I may want to try Apidra in my pump. I am T1 41 years and pumping for 17 years.

Apidra is the only rapid-acting I’ve ever used. Gets in quick, does the job and gets out pretty quickly, too. Although I have no basis for comparison. There are only 2 foods that I pre-bolus for. The rest of the time, I bolus right before the food hits my tongue.

Thanks Kimberly, Iam in multiple shots with inyections using Humalog. Thanks for your feedback :wink:

Hi Marie wich fast insuling do you use in your pump ? Iam not using a pump but use Humalog in multiple shots with inyections, thanks for your feedback :wink:

Apidra is great. It is very predictable it peaks and then leaves your system faithfully after 4 hours. I personally believe it is the best rapid acting insulin on the market at this time. If you start using it should do a good job for you.

Hi David, wich fast insulin used before apidra ? Iam seraching feedback from T1D that have been using Humalog before apidra.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I am T1 but I used Novalog before Apidra. I would give it a try if you don’t like it you can always go back to using Humalog.

Good point, I would consult my endo about it.

I really like Apidra. My endo asked me to be a trial patient in her office for it right after it went through FDA approval, so I’ve been using it for maybe three years. It has almost the same duration as the other rapid acting insulins, but it peaks at a different point in the curve. It responds a lot like Humalog, but peaks sooner, basically. And you can take it up to 20min after a meal. Since I am a forget-to-bolus type, it was the right choice for me. I used Humalog from 1996 until 2005ish.

I have trouble finding it in every pharmacy though. I drive past 2 Walgreens on the way to the Walgreens nearest me that carries it.

Thanks Melissa for your feedback. I like to try and test new thinks for manage my diabetes, and Apidra probably would be one.
Do you use any CBGM like abbot free style navigator ?
Those addesive support seems to be unconfortable what do you think ?

Do you have any feedback regarding these continuous blood glucose meters ? have you consider buy one ? Thanks :wink:

I use Humalog

I started using Apidra when I moved to Italy almost 2 years ago where Novolog isn’t available. I haven’t noticed a difference at all and only have positive things to say about Apidra.

And what about the price? is more expensive? cheaper? compared whit your previous fast acting insuling

Me too, Do you use or had consider to use a CGBM ? which one you recomend?

i am on apidra since i started pumping… i like it a lot coz it works fast… i havent tried humalog though… but so far, apidra does the job for me…!

i am using the minimed CGM system, im wearing it now for a week since my last change of sensor… and still getting numbers close to what my meter readings…

Thanks Marvin, what about your experience with the Minimed CGM? it is confortable ? how do you feel with the CGM & the pumb ? do you use both at the same time rigth? How often have to change the sensor ?
I have been in insulin shots using syringles for 33 years and dont have a comparation point with an infusion pump for quality of life & confort. Have you use syringles before ? do you consider that is beter with the pump ? why ?


yeah i have been on shots since my diagnosis 20 years ago. i started when i was nine… i have tried MDI’s too but it just didnt work for me at that time coz i was doin my clinical internship rotation when my endo decided to change my regimen, anyways, i just started pumping last March of this year and i like it so much and it really help me a LOT…here’s one, before i started pumping, my A1Cs are always on 7’s if not 8%…and i know its not good at all, but i just find it hard to stick to my diet . but when i started pumping, after 3 or 4 months, well, i had the last visit to my endo last May and A1C at that time was 7.4, and this month i checked it, just out of curiosity, it was 6.7. i was surprised that i was able to make it go down in just bout 2 months… i didnt tell my endo yet bout this, as i am goin to surprise him on my next visit come september, i am still workin on it, i want it to be at least 6 or less the better…

about my CGM, i really like this a lot, this also helps me with my control… at first, it was kinda weird feeling having yourself attached to this thing, but i got used to it… i am always wearing my CGM everyday now for 2 months plus. i just take the transmitter off whenever its time to recharge and put it back again… ideally, per minimed’s instruction, sensors are ought to be changed every 3 days when it ends, but like the others here, i used it for 2 weeks at least… then change to a new sensor…

if you can make a change goin to pump, it will be worth it, from my experience, it help me a lot and i can see a great improvements on my health in general now that i switch to pumping… although pumping as they say, can be expensive, but for me, is the best way to manage diabetes…

just my 2 cents…

I’ve been pumping so long (17 yrs), scar tissue is a huge issue for me - I have enough trouble finding a good place to put my infusion set - the CBGM would just intensify my skin problems, I think

Thanks a lot Marvin for your excellent feedback and recomendations. One of the thinks I would like to do is start with a CGM only at the begining and explore how is going to move my diabetes management & quality of life. An explore the use of the CGM in deep. Am not so sure about the confort, you for taking a bath, excersice, traveling with support bateries, or sensors, etc What do you think ?

I read last nigth about parading real time pump and it looks great, your CGM is minimed rigth ? and what about your pump ?