Article on Meter Accuracy

Pretty scary results on a few. Article

I put it in to a spreadsheet and sorted by overall average accuracy. Attached.

[1571-Meters.xlsx|attachment](upload://aoXPH80BHc4kxBHJj03w52Ur3Sn.xlsx) (13.6 KB)

Sure looks like the freestyle products are in a whole different league than the rest based on that spreadsheet. Wish my insurance covered them

This is a very good blog by David Edelmen, well worth a read. I made a comment over there at DD. If you are concerned about meter accuracy, I would urge you to take part in the StripSafely and advocate for more transparency and accountability for meter accuracy.

Here are the reports from fda on accuchek versus freestyle light and their response to interferors.

1572-K0926021freestyle_lite_strips.pdf (147 KB) 1573-K0606201_aviva_test_strips.pdf (90.7 KB)

poor ole one touch. this meter is i am told glucose specific. What i found was that their units as tested by me seemed to be hyper sensitive to the hydration level - water in blood. When that gets a little low, meters i had would be 40 to 100 points off. Drink a glass of water and readings returned to more reasonable numbers.

at least that was my impression.