Artificial sweeteners and weight gain

I randomly came across this article last week that claims artificial sweeteners promote weight gain because when you taste something sweet your brain sends a signal to the pancreas to prepare for sugar. Thus, you get extra insulin in your system without the sugar entering the blood causing blood sugar drop and consequently hunger and rebound eating.

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I don’t regularly read this site or know much about the validity of his claims… thoughts?

What really interests me though is that if this IS this case, then are Type 1 diabetics an exception? We don’t make insulin, so we wouldn’t get the pancreas release, the lowered BG, etc.

Haha! I’m not saying this would be a good reason for us to go binging on artificial sweeteners or anything. Personally, I have my one Diet Dr. Pepper a day, and sprinkle a bit of Stevia on oatmeal and that’s mostly it. But the possibility of being an exception does amuse me.

LOL one of my friends (a med student no less) made this comment to me about my usage of diet coke. Naturally, I responded sarcastically: Sweet, how much do you think I’d need to drink to make some insulin???

Seriously, though, there is data out there to support it. We’re probably protected at least somewhat from it, but I know that when I eat sweets (even artificial ones) that I do tend to crave more and more. But I just won’t give up my diet coke!

Haha, love your reply to your friend.

I didn’t think about the craving bit. Can’t say it’s happened with me, though perhaps I haven’t paid close attention. I do find the opposite true for me though: if I’m eating something like chocolate, I’ll crave a diet soda. >:)

I don’t believe that. I use Sweet N Low in my am coffee, I drink 2 cups and 1 LC yogurt and I am good til lunch time. I drink hot tea in the afternoon, and use 1 sweet n low, and thats it for the afternoon. I don’t drink soda or the diet.

I think carbs bring on cravings and thats the part that puts on weight…just my .2 cents:)