Asking questions

Going to get a pump soon. Plan to have a list of questions. I feel that I am ready.
You know how it is, you always think of good questions AFTER you leave the meeting.
Can you give me good questions that I should ask myself?
Much appreciated.
Sid Partridge

Sid, sorry not to answer sooner, how are you doing with your list of questions? there are many discussions here that can get you started. Go to Forum, insulin pumpers forum, and search for key words. If you’d like, I can help you find them. I have the Accu-chek Spirit, and if that is the pump you’re getting great! If not, I would ask what would be your back-up plan in case of a pump failure.

Thanks for the info. Will check out the forum.
What do you think of the blood sugar chart? Go to my page site in the photo section.
Always looking for improvements.
Sid Partridge