Asthma & diabetes

I’m having some problems with a virus that has effected my lungs and left me having really high blood sugars. I’ve been sick so long and am getting frustrated and scarred the steroids I’m on make me hungry and all i do is grab comfort foods. The twitching from the meds are driving me crazy. Asthmatic for 43 yrs Diabetic 10 yrs

Hi Veronica
I am not asthmatic, but have a severe lung problem. Three of the meds I use for my lungs are ones that people with asthma use. Some months ago I was having a lot of trouble with them. Switching one of the meds and changing the dosage on the other one has made a difference in how well I can handle them. Is that any kind of an option for you? Sometimes we just start having trouble with meds we are very accustomed to using.

I just got over a virus that was affecting my lungs also and having asthma too. They decided to put me on a steroid inhaler plus still continue to use my albuterol in haler.I know it sent my blood sugars up higher than i like. I am in my last week of using the steroid inhaler. My advice is to adjust your insulin until you kick the cold or call your doctors office on advice on the changes needed for the insulin. I know i have times where steroids tend to elevate my sugars. Good luck.

I am asthmatic and have been on inhaled steriods for several years. I take Advair and it doesn’t seem to raise my blood sugars. Now if I have to have a steroid shot or pills I have horrible trouble with my diabetes. My doctor and I avoid steroids at all cost for me unless there is no other choice to settle my asthma down. Thankfully that happens few and far between. I have found that the shots elevate my blood sugar for less time than the pills do. All you can do is keep a close eye on your blood sugars, take insulin if you are on it, try to eat low carb/no carb snacks and drink a lot of water to flush your system.