Steriods: Diabetics worse nightmare

Woke up Tuesday having shortness of breath trying to just walk down the stairs. Called Doctor, got in to see him and found out the sinus infection I had last week didn’t go away and moved to my chest. Being asthmatic with a chest cold doesn’t go good together. I got put on even stronger antibiotics than the previous week, inhaled steroids, and my albuterol inhaler every 4 hours round the clock. Got told if I wasn’t better by Friday to page him. Thanksgiving and again I cant walk up and down the stairs without gasping, should have paged him yesterday, but I didn’t want to interrupt his Thanksgiving, so I called him this morning. He had me meet him in his office and he said my lungs sounded even worse than on Tuesday. So now I have change of antibiotics, oral steroids, inhaled steroids, and albuterol inhaler every 4 hours. Blood sugars were already running high from being sick to begin with. Inhaled steroids don’t really affect my blood sugar as it doesn’t cross the blood barrier since it goes straight into the lungs, but now I have the medrol dose pack to add to the mix and the fun begins with 200+ blood sugars. I am running my basal rate at 200% and I am still fighting off the 200+ blood sugars. I just hope the steroids work to fight this off so I can breath again.