Athletics & T1D Suggestions

Hello. We’ve managed soccer and other sports, but middle school track is really challenging. Hoping to hear some management suggestions. T1D daughter, 13, is participating in track, with 2 hour practices in the afternoon. She tries to be around 150 before practice. Our problems start several hours after practice. She is MDI, with Dexcom. Tonight, she ate dinner without taking any rapid insulin. She went to bed and got up an hour or so later feeling funny. No Dexcom warning, but blood tested at 22. Yikes! Juice, etc. and she is 64 and hopefully going up. Should she eat a carbier snack before and after track practice? Reduce Lantus? Help!

What events does she participate in? Is she in sprint events, throwing events, jumping events, or endurance events?

Part of the answer for the best approach to take depends on what energy systems she is using for the activity, which is determined by which activity it is.