Aussie Kids with Type 1 Diabetes - a video made in support of Diabetes Awareness Month

My 10 year old son and I made this video, which features him and 27 of his friends who also live with type 1 diabetes.

We have attempted to dispel some of the misconceptions that surround this disease, as well as create awareness about warning signs/symptoms.

It is only a small production, but we have already had an incredible response after 36 hours, not only from the Diabetes Facebook Community, but the non-D community in Australia.

Please have a look at our beautiful children, and you are very welcome to share !

Many thanks, and sending "good number" vibes to all!

Kate and Demarco xxxxx

Great work, Kate & Demarco!. Beautiful, touching & informative video. Kudos to the friends who lent their stories & their shining faces. I hope your video reaches many.

Wonderful work ! Wonderful Kids! This video brought tears to my eyes. I noticed quite a few have Coeliac Disease or are being tested for it. One Boy has Neuropathy already?? God Bless Eilish’s Sweet Soul. Being a Child with Diabetes is Not Fun and Not Normal.

that was beautiful. and sad. and hopeful.

Terrie-the boy with neuropathy is my son. :frowning:

He developed pain/symptoms 6 weeks after commencing pump therapy. It’s a phenomenon that is extremely rare-when medical mystery if you will, where stabilisation of difficult glycemic control results in severe neuropathic pain. He has only just turned 10 years old, and he has pain and sensations that persist through narcotic medication. He is the bravest, most courageous kid I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you so much to everyone for your responses.

Our video HAS reached many! The JDRF/Australian Diabetes Council are looking to use it in schools and for educational purposes! We are very excited about this-because as you know, there are just too many misconceptions about this disease.

I will certainly keep you posted! Thank you again for your kindness and feedback :slight_smile:

xxx Kate and Demarco