Please TuDiabetes members - please sign our petition to help fight for the rights of Aussie 10 year olds with type 1 diabetes!

Hi everybody - many of you have already signed our petition - thank you so much!!
We are edging closer and closer to having this legislation abolished - I have been told to send the hard copy of this petition to the Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group (Australia) and they will present it to the government officials who created this ruling on our behalf!!
If you agree that a 10 year old child with type 1 diabetes is NOT self-sufficient in regards to managing their disease, could you please sign our petition? The more signatures we have, the closer we will get to winning this fight for all of our Aussie 10 year olds.
Love you guys!! The DOC ROCKS!

Here is the link to the petition:

Thank you!!


Thanks Manny -and thank you for putting it on Twitter!!! :slight_smile: You’re so fantastic!

You are!! Thanks for mobilizing to support kids with d down under!!

Thanks, Bec!! I love the support from we get from TuDiabetes. You guys rock!

You have my signature and more coming.
Good luck with the partition.

Love it Steve!!! We’ve almost got 200 more signatures than we had this time last night!! The power of the D.O.C huh?


Signed. Only comment: We now know that the “majority of people with type 1 diabetes” are not diagnosed in childhood. It’s more like 15% adult diagnosis, 10% child. But that is irrelevant to this cause.

“Diabetes online community”

and the other 75%?

Hi Lance a-lot,

I don’t think they are suggesting that a 10 year old can manage the disease their self in its entirety, but rather that since they are old enough to be capable of testing/ injecting themselves that care giver is no longer burdened with the daily interruptions of having to administer the test and injections. Thus making them no longer allegeable for the allowance.

Then who are the other 75%?!

Ha! Snap! That’ll teach me to read the whole thread before replying :slight_smile:

I have to agree with your assesment of what’s going on. However, I’ve never lived under such a system so I can’t really relate to the situation these parents are going through.

lol, you know what they say about great minds? :-p

Done & forwarded on.

Wow guys - thank you so much for your support with this. There are a lot of Aussie families who are LOVING the Diabetes Online Community more than usual right now!!

Just to give you some info about the carers allowance…

As soon as our children turn 10 years old, their payment is STOPPED, regardless if they were diagnosed 1 day old or 9 years and 355 days!! Basically, the government are saying that once a child turns 10, that they are no longer eligible to receive the carers payment, as they should be able to self-manage their disease.

My own son was diagnosed at 1 year of age, and he is now 10, with a rare form of neuropathy. We keep his levels extremely tight, and it’s a hard slog to keep it like that. His doctors have said that if his diabetes isn’t kept as close to normal range as possible, that he will certainly live with neuropathy for his entire life. ( My son has “Insulin neuritis” or acute painful diabetic neuropathy - in most instances, it gradually disappears.)

This is the ONLY condition in childhood, where there is a cut - off mark for the carers payment.

For many of us, it’s not about the money. It’s the principle - our kids can’t treat their own hypoglycemic episodes, or kids sneak food, they don’t bolus, they don’t test, they make up numbers, they sleep in, they forget to take snacks with them -THEY ARE KIDS!! Every single day, out -of -range blood sugar levels do physiological damage to our children’s bodies. As their parents, we are constantly ensuring that we stay on top of hypos, highs, sick days, burnout,…its another example of how misunderstood type 1 diabetes really is. Children at the age of 10 aren’t allowed to self-administer panadol (tylenol) - yet they are considered to be self-sufficient to work out insulin-carb ratios/.make corrections? It’s blatant discrimination against our children. As our kids enter their teenage years, we need to be more vigilant than EVER, as our children are at a higher risk than the general population of depression. Eating disorders and type 1 diabetes are a fatal duo, and many teenagers are being diagnosed with diabetic complications. I just realised that I don’t need to prove our cause to you guys!! We have been fighting for this for a long time, and finally, we are edging closer to having the situation rectified. A lot of important Australians are talking about this issue, so we will win this. :slight_smile: Tu Diabetes will know all about it when it happens!!

Signed, and thanks for the heads-up. I live in Australia and didn’t know this was happening!