Australian Health Care System

Interesting video from CNBC

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Australia is frequently overlooked, they say, implying that it shouldn’t be. However, it fails to make the case why (in some respects) this system is better than other frequently discussed countries.


I think you’re right, but I’m not sure they were trying to make a case for better/worse than anything else - just that it’s a different approach. I assume the comparison of outcomes vs. the US system are accurate, but who knows.

I think they did a pretty good job showing the system’s pluses and minuses along side some of those in the US. Some coverage I’ve seen paints systems in other countries in a positive light only. Nice to see a little balance.

It was once very good but is being destroyed. We never needed private health insurance because it was all taken care of by medicare, you now need private insurance so you can get a reasonable standard of care where elective sugery is concerned. I believe the UK health system is being ruined from within also.

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Our system is so messed up that the only solution I see it to burn it entirely to the ground and start from scratch.


Is that the US system your referring to?

Burning systems to the ground and starting from scratch rarely works, especially in an arena as complex as medical coverage. That approach usually just brings along a whole new set of issues. The best approach to take is to fix 1 small portion of the system and then go on to the next portion until all has been fixed. Either way, the problem is more with appeasing the interests of conflicting parties and integrating a system that at least gives proper care at a reasonable cost and still allows for a reasonable profit for the health care industry. Negotiating what is reasonable, of course, is all in the eye of the beholder and what this is truly all about.

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Yes, I’m referring to the US.

I’m taking the position, now, that complex systems are brittle and they fail. Its a bit of a software analogy, but somehow its always seemed to ring most true when applied to the healthcare system.

For example, A band-aid simply did not cost $15 when I was a volunteer EMT (by the way, that’s what many EMTs make in a hour). Thats why it seemed pointless to work for money. We had the monetary value of a used band-aid. The accounting and assignment of value just never added up in any reasonable way. You can’t build on that. You have to start from scratch. Its like a really bad software system. Its easier, less time consuming, and cheaper to start over from scratch than it is to try to fix it.

I agree with you in principle, but I don’t think it’s feasible. There are too many stakeholders, established infrastructure and strongly held divergent positions to take this on in one step. I agree with @CJ114 on this one.

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Hehehe, my youthful enthusiasm for watching their house of cards tumble is simply too great to support anything other than total annihilation. I can’t find any good songs about burning something to the ground. So, I’m falling back on our Minnesota boys.

I just don’t think we’ve got that kinda time…to re-build the system. Everything takes too long. I’ve been waiting my whole life. Too many people are harmed in the meantime. Old fashioned medical ethics say that they aren’t allowed t do harm - especially at this scale. I don’t feel I need to accommodate them anymore.

Maybe we can think of the system like a patient and offer the same advice. Maybe we hold the system to the same standard. The system is essentially a drunk old lady who doesn’t have any interest in changing. But, we can’t change the system. The system has to want to change, for itself. Unfortunately, when the system fails, it takes all of us down with it. Thats why we have to throw it in jail. There has to me an end to excuses. There must be limits. We are allowing her to drive all over town and run over kids with her car.

Why isn’t anyone helping us? Why aren’t any of your states helping us sue the sh!t out of them? I don’t understand. Does anyone know? Have you spoken with your state gov? This is not simple or easy. We need help.

Im with Mohe on this one.