Iam on 770 and have been going low thru the night. Would eating 1/2 cup of ice cream keep me level?

If I see my glucose trending higher over night, I tweak my night time basal to a slightly higher rate.
If I saw it flatlined until 0500, consistently, and then climb routinely, I’d give myself a two hour basal increase from 0400-0600 to total a couple units extra.
Those are a few approaches I’d consider. Start low, though!!

Can you determine if it was increasing basal, but just wasn’t effective vs no increase?
Tandem provides history to review, do you have that on medtronic pump ?

@Rphil2 may be able to help.

I am in automode. I have no control over my basal rates.

So, with the Tandem, I have four different basal rates: 2400 to 0645, then to 1100, then to 1700, and then to 2300. They are all different and range between 0.61 u/hr to 0.73 u/hr. They do auto adjust somewhat in real time but if I see that it’s always going up or down, I change the basic rate.

I wished I could have used the tandem pump but the minimum basal rate is 1u and some of my rates are less than that. The guardian3 sensors are not very good. I heard the 4s are supposed to be better. Health canada has to approve of it. We’re still waiting.

I think you meant .1

Dee, try entering more insulin or carbs for coverage. Say your BS is 150 and you want it to be 120. So try entering 15 Gm of phantom carbs. If this works, it may mean your correction boulis is not high enough or your mean bolus was not enough.

Our bodies change and it may be that you re needing more insulin. You can do this by shortening the active insulin time.

At any rate once you get it where you want, call your doctor and tell them what you are doing so a better solution can be implemented.

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Yeah, something like that!

I can give doses of 0.05units on my Tandem. And basal rates of 0.1 units/ hour. Many of my rates are 0.4 to 0.6 and when my sugars are lower it cuts that even less. 0.2 or even zero.
So I don’t understand why people think it can’t go low enough.
It can go to zero when you are running control IQ.

I assume Medtronic allows the same but you don’t enter rates at all in Medtronic auto mode.

Tandem allows you to enter rates of 0.1 unit per hour which means less than 2.5 units in an entire day.

If I was using only that much, I don’t think I would bother with a pump. I would be stoked if I could be that sensitive to insulin.

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When I started on the 770 I had to use it in manual mode for about a week. I guess automode bases your rates off of the amount you use. After that basal rates have nothing to do with automode. My total basal insulin is 2.175u, but my rates are probably not that accurate. That is why it is so important to stay in automode for as long as you can. My basal/bolus balance in automode is 20/80. I have a very liw basal and most of my insulin covers my carb content.