Autonomic neuropathy jargon?

Hello, been a while since I’ve been here :slight_smile:

I just found out I have mild autonomic neuropathy this week. Been through extensive testing due to weird “unconnected” symptoms. CT of adrenal glands, blod test after blood test, RR-interval study, two 24 hour blood pressure testing, EKG, 24 hour EKG and 48 hour EKG, neurology etc.
No celiac antibodies, blood tests are fine, CT scan normal, blood pressure and EKG normal except high resting heart rate.
Don’t know if this info is relevant to the question, so throwing it out there as well. The RR-interval study showed insufficient vagal response to breathing exercises as well to resting and standing “exercises”. The 24 hour BP testing showed normal BP but the sleeping dip in BP and pulse is insufficient. I also probably have mild gastroparesis due to newly onset heartburn (never been a problem in my life) after certain foods - I’ve also thrown late night meals up the next morning three times this year, so waiting for a colonoscopy and endoscopy to see how things look inside.

My doctor explained it all very well. HOWEVER, to my main question: Being the Nosy Nancy that I am, I looked into my medical records to see what other goodies Doc had written. She basically told me everything she had written, but being all doctor-like she had also written the different numbers from the different tests as well, for others docs to read in the future. I understand all of it except that she has written that I had a “vagal score of 3”. I don’t know what this means - does anyone here know what it means? I live in Denmark, so don’t know if it’s a European ranking thing or a Danish ranking thing?

Hope someone can enlighten me, because I won’t be going to that specific doctor again in the foreseeable future. She is a specialist in weeding out any diabetes related mysteries and not my regular diabetes doctor. :crazy_face:

I only know how it is done in the US.
In the US it’s done by percentage. A30% is severe. 10% is mild. If you got 3 percent That’s not horrible but maybe why you are having symptoms of gastroparesis. If that is 3 out of 10 then it is 30 % so could be considered Severe. That nerve controls a lot including stomach and heart rate and diaphragm. Actually you have 2 of them. One on each side.

I had a problem with hiccups a while back. I had my vagus nerve tested and was normal but I didn’t get a number. My doc just told me it was normal. I never figured out why I had hiccups so bad for a while and I can still get them but just once in a while.