Away from Home

Hi all

I thought I posted yesterday but I don’t see it, so hope I’m not duplicating. So all the stress of getting my correct Type 1.5 diagnosis and adjusting to the right insulin regimen has been getting to me and I decided to go to the beach for four days. It’s wonderfully relaxing, the beach is nearly deserted as it’s off season and it is beautiful and low-key here. But the hard part I knew would be eating out for four days.

My experience has been very strange! I was afraid I would be going high a lot because I couldn’t estimate the carbs and the food available to me would be higher carb than I usually eat. (I am a vegetarian which limits my options and I live in Guatemala, plus this is a very isolated rustic beach village). Nope, the opposite! I am eating higher carb than I’m used to, and I am having trouble maintaining my blood sugar without going too low! This morning was particularly dramatic. I woke up before 6 and I was 45! I took 2 glucose tablets which normally is enough without putting me high. I only got up to 61 and the restaurant didn’t open for breakfast till 7:30 so I took one more. I still only got up to 63 before breakfast. I ate a high carb breakfast (a tortilla, frijoles, a slice of fried banana and my eggs…about 57 carbs. Normally my breakfast I:C is 1:10). I only did 2 units and now two hours later am at a perfect 127! All three days I’ve been here my post prandials have been in target or low! I’m wondering why. It is significantly warmer than I’m used to. I’ve done some beach walking but not tons, mostly just kicking back by the pool. The only thing I can think of is could this be the Type 1.5 insulin spurts by my pancreas I hear people talk about and not related to my trip at all? Any thoughts? I’m not worried, just curious!

I would bet that it’s the heat. I’ve just had to dial my basal back because the constant 98 degree highs have finally affected me. I’ve been low or at target for the past week, not even spiking when I eat. In the future, you may want to adjust your basal by a unit or so when you’re at the beach.

I had to reduce my basal and my insulin to carb ratio for the warm weather. You may need to do the same - I would consult with your physician or endocrinologist