Pancreas kicking in?

I posted in another thread that I was at the beach and had a dramatic lowering of my blood glucose. People thought it might be the heat, but I’m posting it here because I wonder if this is the famous LADA pancreas kicking in I’ve heard so much about.

I’m not talking about a bit lower numbers. I’ve been eating more carbs and bolusing less and I’m ending up with lows! Then, most dramatic of all one day I went for lunch and ordered homemade ravioli that I figured I could eat with these lower numbers (normally even if I bolused my maximum 3 units I’d maybe be in target, but most likely high). When I went to bolus when my food arrived I bent the needle when I attached it to the pen. I had only thrown one needle in my frio when I went out. So I decided to see what happend. I started out at 87 and two hours later was 76!! Just to make sure it wasn’t a slow rise due to fat in the sauce, I took it another hour later and then right before dinner (five hours later) I was only at 86!

Have any of you LADA’s experienced the kicking in of the pancreas and so dramatically reduced insulin needs? If so, did you cut back or eliminate bolus/cut back or eliminate basal? How long did it last? Thanks. This is so cool! (But I’m back from my trip now so I’ll see if it was really only the heat!

Hi Zoe. LADA is unpredictable, and I’ve had some pretty bizarre days in terms of unpredictable BGLs, but none like you described. Just yesterday though, I had a really hot shower (it’s winter here) and a hypo afterwards. I’ve heard that a lot. Yet I know my own insulin production, isn’t zero yet. Oh how I’d like to have a bowl of pasta and have the numbers you did! Had you done any exercise? A couple of weeks ago, we had a party and I was cleaning furiously all that day. I had problems with going low until 3pm the next day. I’d never had that before!

If it happens again and you can figure out a pattern, then maybe you’ll have the answer. So it seems you do have a pattern - more carbs and less bolus. If you’re not more active too, then maybe it’s as you suggested - your pancreas.

What awesome numbers! Please eat some ravioli for me.

Being on insulin probably gave your pancreas a break

I’ve had phases like this. Read here of people who’ve experienced the same after years of diabetes. My endo chalked it up to honeymooning.

My experience needing very little insulin was so sporadic that I didn’t change my basal. I took 1-2 bolus units & tested a lot in case corrections were needed. I could never see a pattern to predict when this would happen. After months of on & off needing little insulin, it ended.

Hi Zoe
I am type 1 and only take 16 units a day total. I used to take over 100 units with poor control. Now my A1C is 5.1 and my normal BS is 60-120 max usually. I worked with a ND (naturopath SP?) to get there and it took years. But the body will do strange things. Pay attetion to food you eat and being in the Sun. Usually they have a 24 hour lag effect in the body and will effect you the following day.

Thanks, guys! I did walk on the beach to find the Italian Restaurant but that was the last beach walk I did. Black sand is too hot even with sandals and it’s really too much work for a vacation, my idea of vacation is hammock and restaurant, restaurant and hammock, pool and hammock!

So far the pattern is holding (got back yesterday afternoon) and I’ve lowered my basal by two more points (total of three). This morning I was 98 instead of the 55 I’ve been waking up to! See what happens and I’ll let you know! I may actually get a c-peptide tomorrow just for the hell of it!

When I’ve experienced those unexpected moments of “control” I go back mentally and review my last 24 hours. Usually it’s because I’ve been very physically active (exercise) resulting in a higher metabolism and better control. If only I could stay that active every day, all day. I return to “normal” after 24 hours. I’ve programed a “busy weekend” basal rate for those types of weekends. It keep me from going too low. I still continue to bolus as normal for the meals i eat on those days and stay pretty level.